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"Goose Watch" Stakeout Plan Launched in Prospect Park

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY director, Friends of Animals 917.940.2725

Advocates Demand an End to Bird Removal and Killing

Save the Prospect Park Goslings

-Tell Mayor Bloomberg to END the War on NYC Wildlife!

These four goslings are the newest residents of Prospect Park Lake. They hatched in the Brooklyn park on May 7th, despite an intrusive procedure by park officials called egg addling, which destroys eggs and traumatizes the goose parents, who aggressively protect their eggs and babies from harm.

On patrol! Group starts a 24/7 'goosewatch' in Prospect Park


The Brooklyn Paper

Meet the goose patrol

A group of watchdogs has launched "a 24/7 goose watch" in Prospect Park to prevent federal officials from once again slaughtering their feathered friends.

Hands Around the Lake

Saturday, March 26th, 12:30pm, Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn NY
-- Enter at Vanderbilt Street & Prospect Park SW

Call Off the Slaughter & Harassment of Canada Geese

Activists Take the Protest Against Canada Goose Slaughter to "Bloomberg Mansion"; Demand Protection for Urban Wildlife

For Immediate Release
Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals, 917.940.2725, Email
When: Monday 9 Aug. 6-8pm
Where: Chez Mayor Bloomberg: 17 East 79th Street, between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue

How Not to Deal With Geese? Ask New Jersey

Although Canada geese are only grounded and flightless for a brief six to eight weeks, a period which a bit of simple tolerance could easily wait out, the officials rush to promote capture-and-slaughter plans every year at this time. Common sense and decency would say: Let them be, clean up after them where needed, and wish them well as their feathers grow in again and they are back on their way.

Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual Now Available

Friends of Animals, an international, non-profit animal advocacy organization based in Darien, Connecticut, is pleased to publish an afforable, new resource — the Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual — for persons seeking to resolve urbanites' and suburbanites' frustrations with Canada Geese without resorting to lethal methods.

Let's Control Ourselves Instead of the Canada Geese

By Priscilla Feral
Opinion Greenwich Comment, Greenwich Time Greenwich, CT
(Published: May 17, 2005)