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Free-Living Animals

Open Letter to Dale Garner, Chief, Wildlife Bureau, Iowa Division of Natural Resources

This letter is in response to the killing of a small herd of elk living in Allamakee County, Iowa by the Iowa Division of Natural Resource (DNR).

Despite a glaring lack of evidence that these elk are infected with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), Iowa DNR officials state that they must kill the elk in order to prevent this disease from spreading. However, no disease is controlled by slaughtering animals who aren't infected with it.

VegNews Magazine Gives Shout-Out to Lee Hall's Latest Book, On Their Own Terms.

By Dustin Garrett Rhodes

The April issue of VegNews magazine, which has the giant 99 on the cover (indicating 99 things a vegan should have on her or his bucket list), features a flattering shout-out to Lee Hall's newest book, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth. VegNews says:

Urgent Alert: Help the Bison Get Home

As you read this, a group of formerly free-living bison are trapped and await their fate at the hands of ranchers' protectors in the U.S. government. Al Nash, spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park, has just told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that the park will announce what will be done with some of these bison by the end of this week. [ See article. ]


Friends of Animals Win: African Antelope Shielded From Safari Club and Trophy Tourists

For Immediate Release


Priscilla Feral, President, Friends of Animals, Darien, Connecticut
Current tel: (at Primarily Primates sanctuary): 830.755.4616, or mobile: 203.219.0428. E-mail

Mike Harris, Director of the Environmental Law Clinic,
University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Denver, Colorado
Tel: 303.871.6140, or mobile: 720.841.0400. Email

Friends of Animals Fund Chimpanzee Refuge in West Africa

In a landmark agreement with the Gambian government, Friends of Animals will help fund and support the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, an island sanctuary located in the River Gambia National Park. It is home to some 80 chimpanzees, who live in relative freedom-without bars or cages-on three of the national park's five islands.

Judge orders chimps brought back to S.A. (Primarily Primates)

Elizabeth Allen

A district court judge ruled Friday that six chimpanzees at the center of a fight between San Antonio-based Primarily Primates and Chimp Haven in Louisiana must be returned to Primarily Primates.

Chimps Returning To South Texas

'Primarily Primates' Granted Summary Judgment Friday

SEE -- Video: Chimps Returning To San Antonio's Primarily Primates

SAN ANTONIO -- A group of chimpanzees is returning to South Texas after a Bexar County court ruling.

Bexar County Judge Michael Peden granted a summary judgment ordered the return of the chimps to Primarily Primates, an animal sanctuary near Leon Springs just north of San Antonio.