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Domesticated & Feral Animals

How you can take action for homeless cats

Did you know September is officially "Happy Cat Month"? Designed to draw awareness to the plight of cats in shelters and rescue organizations who do not have forever homes, this month is perfect for taking action in your community to help cut down on cats in need.

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

With the first big blizzard of 2016 bearing down on the east coast, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your furry friends safe during the next few days! Check out these tips from the American Veterinary Association below and remember that if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pets.

Bunny Killing Workshop Cancelled at Sterling College

Bunny Killing Workshop Cancelled at Sterling College 

Friends of Animals received confirmation today that the gruesome “Kill Your Own Bunny” public workshop slated for May 2 at Sterling College in Vermont has been cancelled thanks to FoA’s objections and dialogue with college officials, and to the overwhelming number of phone calls and emails the college president received from our members and supporters.

Easter and Rabbits Don't Mix

It’s that time of year again! With Easter fast approaching, we’re reminding gift-givers that live rabbits are not toys and to stick to stocking their Easter baskets with sugar or plush bunnies this year. The purchasing of rabbits for children each Easter is a fad that is unfortunately still continuing and one that really needs to stop.

7 Helpful Apps for Cat & Dog Owners

You probably already use your smartphone to help organize your daily activities......why not do the same for your pets? 

Be the ultimate plugged-in pet owner and check out these seven apps that are sure to help you keep track of your daily responsibilities as a dog or cat owner by assisting with everything from recording vital health information, keeping first aid information on hand, tracking down a missing pet, and ensuring your furry friends are getting plenty of exercise. 

"Ten Lives" Documentary is a Game Changer for Feral Cats

Did you know that more than 50 million homeless, or feral, cats wander the streets, parks and alley ways of the United States, and that there are tens of millions more worldwide?


Vegetarian Times - December 2012

From VT's Annual Charity Guide

by Aurelia d'Andrea


What: Whether working to protect endangered species from canned hunts (in which animals are kept in confined areas) or facilitate low-cost spay/neuter procedures for cats and dogs, Friends of Animals has been at the forefront of animal advocacy since 1957.

Officials plan to exterminate San Diego County's naturalized pigs

feral pig

Please comment today.

This proposal relies on a study indicating that the rooting of free-roaming pigs in California reduces the number and size of oak tree seedlings. So does human land development "“ and much more so. Why is the pressure against the pigs?

To send comments about the project:

Ex-Racehorses Starve as Charity Fails in Mission to Care for Them

The New York Times

March 17, 2011


One of the largest private organizations in the world dedicated to caring for former racehorses has been so slow or delinquent in paying for the upkeep of the more than 1,000 horses under its care that scores have wound up starved and neglected, some fatally, according to interviews and inspection reports.

Return of the Feral Cat Bill UT HB210

You thought a packed public meeting, thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls ended the madness and allowed understanding to prevail.

But no. The ugly bill is back. Utah HB210, allowing the shooting of suspected feral animals with legal impunity, has been restored in full, and it has made it past the House and into the Senate. If it isn't stopped, this odious piece of legislation will allow cat, dog, and pigeon shooting in any area of Utah where firearms can be discharged.