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UPDATE: Hands off the Deer: Preserving the Peace in Valley Forge

UPDATE: Click here to see Friends of Animals' full comments, joined by CARE of the Delaware Valley.

A Message From Lee Hall, Legal director of Friends of Animals (8 Feb. 2009) -- Last month, I attended a public meeting held at Valley Forge National Historical Park. It's known historically as a six-month headquarters for George Washington, and, more recently, as a safe haven for deer in suburban Pennsylvania.

Cove Island deer hunt riles animal rights activists

The Advocate


By Doug Dalena

STAMFORD -- A city-backed hunt that killed two deer in the Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary ended a day early after animal rights activists complained.

The hunt started last week and would have continued through today, a city official said, but the city ended it Friday after opponents complained it was not publicized in advance and questioned the safety precautions.

Letter to the Editor: Co-existing with deer, not killing them, is the answer

Delaware County Times, Pennsylvania, US
by Lee Hall
Legal Director, Friends of Animals

To the Times:

On Dec. 15, Swarthmore College had planned to kill the deer that meander* on and around Crum Woods - some 220 acres of mostly forested land straddling the Crum Creek in Swarthmore.

At the 11th hour, advocates from the local area were advised that no permit for the shoot had yet been issued from Pennsylvania's Game Commission.


Last night, the Warrensburg, Missouri city council indefinitely postponed a plan to allow bow hunters to kill deer from platforms inside the city's Culp Park. There will be no deer hunt in Warrensburg this year.
The city's change of heart reflects a concerted effort by Dr. Susan Pentlin, an emeritus professor at the University of Central Missouri, along with several other activists, including FoA activists and supporters. "We can all sleep better tonight," Dr. Pentlin said.

Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

Your attention needed to help stop net-and-bolt deer control proposals in Millburn and throughout New Jersey.

"Net and bolt" means trapping deer under nets, then attempting to restrain them, pressing a captive-bolt gun against their heads, and firing a retractable steel rod into their brains. The deer may struggle and kick, fracturing limbs or sustaining other injuries. Deer who move as the bolt is fired can be painfully wounded, not killed, and the struggle continues until additional shots are fired.

Deer hunt a done deal

By Susan Shultz, published in The Darien Times on January 12, 2006

The town deer hunt, which was to continue until the end of hunting season on Jan. 31, was "officially ended" two weeks early, according to Rob Lucas, master of the hunt.

"The recommendation to Parks & Recreation from myself, Kent Haydock and Friends of Selleck's Woods was that the hunt was a success for the time being," Lucas said.

Nine Days of Hell in Devil's Den

Darien, Connecticut -- When does the heavenly peace of southwestern Connecticut's largest nature preserve turn into hell on earth?

It's happening now, under the control of the wealthiest nature conservation group in the United States.

On the 17th, 18th, 19th, 29th, and 30th of November, and again on the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th of December, the Nature Conservancy will host an exclusive trophy hunt, transforming Devil's Den Nature Preserve into a hell for the deer who consider its winding trails and gentle hills their home.

Hunters in a Rut: Public Servants or Public Nuisance?

FoA Releases Deer/Auto Collision Report

Darien, Connecticut — A new report from Friends of Animals contains persuasive evidence, from 33 reporting U.S. states, that deer/auto collisions increase three-fold during the months of October, November, and December — hunting season. More than 500,000 deer get hit by cars each year.

"As autumn approaches, hunters, and the state wildlife agencies which profit from hunting, purport to "control" deer populations as a method of reducing the incidence of deer being hit by drivers," says Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals.

Eight Days of Hell in Devil's Den

DeerThis deer was killed during the Nature Conservancy hunt at Devil's Den Nature Preserve
Photograph by Bill Mannetti, Animal Rights Front

Darien, Connecticut — When is the largest natu re preserve in southwestern Connecticut, with 1,746 acres and 21 miles of trails, hell on earth?

Hunting Causes Deer/Auto Collisions Survey

Darien, Connecticut — Friends of Animals (FoA) concluded a nationwide survey into the magnitude, characteristics, and underlying causes of highway collisions between deer and automobiles, and has determined that hunting is an important cause of many deer/auto collisions.

This first-of-its-kind survey represents a thorough analysis of data supplied by participating state wildlife and transportation agencies, supplemented with information from insurance agencies and wildlife biologists.