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Friends of Animals and CARE just now filed a motion for an injunction with the Court of Appeals to stop the deer kill at Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Judge Goldberg (of the District Court, in Philadelphia) did not rule on our motion of Friday 12 November, so we have taken this directly to the Third Circuit.

UPDATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON: This just in. Today, Judge Goldberg ruled on our request for an injunction, but it was DENIED so the situation is not much changed by this. The Plaintiff groups are, as stated above, at the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Deer hunting season opens today

The Hour

Hour Staff Writer

"The idea that we're going to shoot our way out of all of our problems, that ain't going to happen," said Priscilla Feral, president of the Darien-based nonprofit Friends of Animals.

Beginning today, the Devil's Den Preserve in Weston will be closed to the public on select days while deer hunting season gets under way statewide.

In suburban forest of Valley Forge, balancing coyotes vs. deer

The Washington Post
By Jeff Gammage

PHILADELPHIA - For months they've run on the periphery of the debate over the plan to shoot deer at Valley Forge National Historical Park:


A small number have taken residence inside the park, among the "urban coyotes" that dwell in places from New York to Chicago to Beverly Hills, Calif.

Notebook: Animal rights group wants coyotes to manage deer

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By John Hayes

In the forests of Valley Forge, where George Washington's sharpshooters killed deer to help feed the troops, a controversial deer management plan and shrill opposition to it have garnered national attention.

Demonstration at Valley Forge November 7

We look forward to having you join us in protesting the Park officials' latest threat to kill the deer this month. Today (Sunday), 2-4 pm. Meet at the bicycle rental area. For d irections to Valley Forge National Historical Park, click here.

The protest will be followed by dinner and discussion at a local restaurant for all who wish to come.

Some photos from the demo are now available; click here.

Join with Friends of Animals To Oppose the Repulsive, Insane Deer Slaughter in a Nature Preserve in Darien, Connecticut

Beginning November 9, 2010 and continuing 3 days a week through mid- December, Darien Land Trust Dunlap Woods and Town of Darien Selleck's Woods will be closed to the public so that bow hunters can mercilessly mutilate and slaughter deer once again. This is an unnecessary assault on deer who live in the last remnants of undeveloped land in Darien. The killing began in 2005 and the perceived problems that are behind this dangerous, thoughtless plan have not changed, yet deer- hunting continues "“ unchallenged by town officials.


A demonstration will be held at Valley Forge Park on Sunday November 7th from 2:00-4:00PM, in the Lower Welcome Center Parking Lot to oppose the park's deer management plan.

Deer Defenders: Friends of Animals and CARE File for Injunction to Block Valley Forge Bloodbath

UPDATE: 5pm Wednesday 27 Oct: The judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has DENIED the Friends of Animals /CARE Motion for Summary Judgment. This gives the Park Service a green light to shoot the Valley Forge Deer. We hope Park officials show the patience, as they did last year, to hold off, as Friends of Animals will APPEAL the judge's decision.

26 October 2010

Deer Defenders: Friends of Animals and CARE File for Injunction to Block Valley Forge Bloodbath


Deer Advocates Demand End of Long Island Bow-Hunting Season

CONTACT: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals. 917.940.2725; EMAIL
MEET AT: 50 Circle Drive, off Nicolls Rd, near the stadium on the SUNY/Stony Brook campus; DIRECTIONS.