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Deer Hunt Cancelled One Day Before Killing Was To Begin

As Friends of Animals Staffers Expose Committee Activity


Since 1997, when Darien's First Selectman appointed the Darien Deer Management Committee with Kent Haydock as chair, the town has pursued deer "as Public Enemy Number 1," said Priscilla Feral, president of the Darien-based Friends of Animals.

Darien suspends town deer hunt indefinitely

The Darien Times

Written by Susan Shultz

Darien-based animal rights organization Friends of Animals has vocally opposed the hunt each year since it started in 2005. The organization also filed a formal complaint with the state's Freedom of Information office regarding lack of response by the town to its requests for information regarding the Deer Management Commission.

Friends of Animals, Philadelphia Advocates For the Deer Oppose Efforts to Throw Parks Open to Sunday Hunting

9 June 2011


PHILADELPHIA AND CHESTER COUNTY "“ Today, Thursday 9 June, at an out-of-the-way resort hotel in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives' Game and Fisheries Committee will hold a hearing to discuss ending the prohibition on Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania. The hearing will begin at 6.30 pm at Seven Springs Mountain Resort (777 Waterwheel Drive, Seven Springs, PA 15622).

Activists call on DEP to stop killing Charles Island deer

Frank Juliano, Staff Writer
The Connecticut Post

MILFORD -- Why are birds more important than deer?

That's the question that a spokeswoman for an animal rights group had for state officials Friday as she led a protest over the shooting last week of 17 deer on Charles Island.

Wildlife biologists from the state Department of Environmental Protection killed the deer, which they claimed were trapped on the island, to protect a sanctuary and nesting area for rare birds on the offshore island.

Protest Against Deer Management


CONTACT: Nancy Rice, Friends of Animals, 203-656-1522 E-mail

"Audubon donors deserve to know that their donations are funding deadly ideas, and Connecticut's people must insist that the Department of Environmental Protection stop making excuses to kill," says Nancy Rice of Friends of Animals.

Boiling Over: The Case for the Valley Forge Deer Moves to the Appeals Stage

CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA "“ "Boiling the frog slowly" is a disturbing metaphor for people's failure to note and respond to serious but gradual harms.

The idea (not exactly true) is that a frog will jump to escape hot water but won't jump out of water that's heated little by little over time.

Some people react to news that a bloodbath is planned for local animals; but few people protest when the disappearance is gradual. Yet gradual disappearance is the way animals are often erased.

Valley Forge Body Count: 225 Deer--as Lawsuit to Stop Plan Moves to Appeals Phase

Sharpshooters cull 225 deer at Valley Forge

By Anthony R. Wood

...U.S. Department of Agriculture sharpshooters killed 225 deer in November, Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesman Jerry Feaser said today.

...The cull, in which deer are lured to baited areas and shot, is "reprehensible," said Lee Hall of Friends of Animals. The group is appealing a judge's decision that allowed the cull to proceed. "It certainly goes against the history and the peace of the park."

A case for not killing the Valley Forge deer

Philadelphia Inquirer

Officials' plan to hunt them is cruel and pointless.

By Lee Hall and Maryanne Appel

Last winter, our advocacy groups sued to save the Valley Forge deer from a plan to kill most of them, and park officials agreed to hold their fire. This year, the officials regrouped, and the shooting has begun.

To hunt or not to hunt, that is the deer question

The Connecticut Post
Makayla Silva, Staff Writer

"I do not think deer need to be called overpopulated. There is an overpopulation of people." Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals

It is no coincidence the height of the white-tail deer mating season coincides with the start of the firearms hunting season in Connecticut.