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Future of leopards looking spotty, underscores necessity of Cecil’s Law

May 26, 2017 | cecil's law / leopard
A recent article written by Mike Gaworecki, appearing on, reveals the number of leopards in the Western Soutpansberg Mountains is rapidly declining. In 2008, this area had the highest leopard population in Africa, with about 11 leopards per 100 square kilometers. Since then, their population density has decreased by two-thirds, resulting in only about 4 leopards per 100 square kilometers. 
The main cause of this population reduction is human-leopard conflict compounded by trophy hunting. Many locals who fear for their livestock’s lives shoot or poison the leopards as a quick solution to their problems. Trophy hunting is also a contributing factor to the shocking decrease of leopard numbers.
If Cecil’s Law passes in NY, legislation Friend of Animals drafted that is moving through the legislature this session, the U.S. can make a positive difference in the lives of African leopards. Cecil’s Law would ban the importation, possession, sale or transportation of the African elephant, lion, leopard, and black and white rhinos or their body parts—all threatened and endangered species. From 2005 to 2014, 1,169 African leopard trophies were imported into New York, the busiest port of entry in the U.S.
We are urging all our New York members to call their state senators and tell them to support S1883, and to call their assembly members to support A4010. (Research shows that calling and speaking directly with legislators is most effective). To find an online directory of assembly members, click here: We find your state senators here: We know there are more non-hunters in New York than hunters, and we need you to make your voices heard.
People fail to see the importance of leopards in the ecosystem. Without them, certain herbivores would become overpopulated, resulting in a decrease of vegetation. Ending the lives of leopards for the sake of bragging rights or livestock protection is not only morally wrong, it is also physically hurting the natural world.
Based on the article’s findings, if the number of leopards in the Western Soutpansberg Mountains continues to decline at the same rate, there will be none in the area by the year 2020.


Stop hunting animals you jackasses

Please support A4010!!!

Please help pass this law to end trophy hunting of leopards and protect both animals and the environment.

Senseless killing is repugnant, immoral, and is dangerous for the ecosystem.
Trophy hunting must be stopped!

Please support A4010 and put an end to bagged hunting. These beautiful cats deserve to live!

Tammy Yarber

Save leopards

Please support this law to end trophy hunting of leopards!

Please make this happen. Evertime any living thing goes extinct it diminishes us all.

Shooting or poisoning leopards in fear for livestock is a quick, senseless solution with long-term negative effects.
Trophy hunting is simply morally wrong.
Support A4010 and S1883!

Please pass this law. It would be appalling if the leopard, which is such a magnificent animal, became extinct. Trophy hunting should be banned. It is such a travesty that these, and other wildlife, should be slaughtered by these scumbags and depriving us and future generations of the chance to see these fabulous animals in their natural

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