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Say no to bear trophy hunt bill in Connecticut

March 29, 2017 | bear hunt / connecticut / Hunting & Wildlife Management


Friends of Animals is appalled that S.B. No. 522, a desperate attempt for a bear trophy hunt, was voted out of the Environment Committee and we need your help to defeat it in the Senate and House. Please call and write your legislators in the House and Senate and tell them to vote against the bear hunt bill and that you want bears in Connecticut left alone. To find your state senators and representatives, use this online directory.

It is no coincidence that the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) released an unscientific report about an increase in bear sightings (not conflicts) in Connecticut a week before state Sen. Craig Miner (R-30) introduced this bill, which would authorize the first bear trophy hunt since 1840. DEEP has a history of stimulating sympathy for a bear hunt as it would be a money maker for the agency. 

If the majority of non-hunters in Connecticut use their voices and contact their legislators, this blood-soaked, unjustifiable bill will not become law.

Instead of the shoot-first mentality of this legislation, what is needed is for DEEP to step up its education program about what to do when you encounter a black bear. Friends of Animals has observed a failure by DEEP to provide signage and education where the public might encounter bears such as nature preserves and forests where people hike.


thats horrible

Stop trophey hunting!!!

There's no hunting involved in killing a sleeping animal

What the heck is happening in this country, solutions peoples not killing what belongs here as much as we humans. This is so verrrry wrong.

there is no good reason for this is time to evolve...biodiversity is important to maintain balance in the wild....

Stop this bear trophy hunt. It is an awful idea. These animals should not be treated this way.

Killing in the name of wildlife management must stop.

Save the bears!

These bears are highly intelligent beings that can FEEL pain. Stop the barbaric slaughter

STOP the hunt


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