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Rescue Kitten Brothers Refused to be Separated

March 16, 2017 | Rescue Work

We love this story from FoA member, Claire Connors, about how her two rescue cats, Rocky and Sailor, came into her life.


“Meet Rocky & Sailor, my rescue kitties. They were found by Nina Malkin (a self-described Cat Pimp who regularly finds forever homes for rescued cats in her neighborhood in Brooklyn). These brothers (and their sister Vera) were born around Hurricane Sandy and their feral mom wasn't able to take care of them. Nina got the three into the safety of her home and started looking for good homes for all three.


I had recently lost my beloved cat Betty--she lived to be 21 years old!--and was ready for another female. By the time I got in touch with Nina, Vera had been adopted. I asked about the boys but I only want one! Nina told me that they were a package deal, as the orange tabby was a CH cat (cerebellar hypoplasia) and needed his brother to be his caretaker.


I still wasn't sure I could handle two males but went to meet them anyway. Well, I fell in love with the tuxedo right away but when the special needs kitty wobbled over to me and climbed up my shirt, I was a goner. Of course I took them both home!


I named the black and white Rocky because his huge paws look like they're taped up and ready for nine rounds in the ring (he's a total lover). And I gave my little CH kitty the name Sailor, because he walks (and often acts) like a drunken sailor. He is the sweetest, funniest cat, with a great sense of humor. I'm so lucky to have these boys in my life, especially Sailor. I wish I could adopt more CH cats. They are truly a gift. If you get a chance to bring one into your home, I highly recommend it!”

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