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Parsons School of Design Cuts Fur Out of Fashion; Ends Partnerships with Fur Companies

March 06, 2017 | #FlipOffFur

We have a huge #cheer today for the news that top fashion school, Parsons School of Design in New York City, has cut ties with fur companies, opting instead to focus efforts on teaching “alternative methods to using animal products,”.


According to Yahoo Style, Parsons has ended a nearly 15-year partnership with Finland-based Saga Furs, through which it had promoted career opportunities and fur-industry information, and is no longer continuing sponsorships with other companies in the industry. It will no longer offer any incentives for students to use fur in their designs.

The shift toward a cruelty-free perspective on fashion is an initiative of the school’s dean of fashion, Burak Cakmak, who took the helm in 2015, bringing with him a background in sustainable and environmental practices through positions at Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and other so-called luxury brands.


“As a leader in design education, Parsons School of Design is proud to teach our students alternative methods to using animal products,” Cakmak told Yahoo Style. “Sustainability is a core component of our curriculum. We are teaching the future leaders of the fashion industry that they can have a positive impact on the environment by not using animal products, and still create beautiful designs.”

We’re glad to see Parsons making this switch and hope that it encourages other design schools and fashion designers to follow suit because we know there’s any possible way to ethically source fur and animal skins for fashion. We encourage those who feel the same way to voice their opinions and inspire change.

Here’s how:
● Support designers and retailers who have renounced real fur and who don’t use fake fur, which keeps fur relevant. We admire Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart at Vaute Couture!

● Write to fashion designers and celebrities who promote fur and ask them to stop. Contact print and television media and urge them to report the reality between fur trapping and farming.

● Educate others! Visit our website store and request copies of our Flip off Fur Brochure or our anti-fur bumper stickers and pins, and hand them out where retailer sell fur.



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