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We need your help to ban exotic animal performances in NYC

June 14, 2017 | Circus / new york city / animal abuse

With your support, we and other animal advocacy groups helped put Ringling Bros out of business. Unfortunately other circuses are still operating and they continue to visit New York City. But the New York City Council’s Health Committee is voting on a bill—Intro 1233—Thursday that would ban wild and exotic animals from entertainment events.


It is urgent New York members and supporters call and email the nine members of the Health Committee and tell them to support Intro 1233. You can find members contact info by clicking on their names here. Please also call and write to the council member who represents your district and tell them to support the bill if it comes for a full vote. You can find your Council Member here.

Friends of Animals (FoA) was bolstered last fall by the turnout at a New York City Hall hearing back in October for Intro 1233. Our testimony drilled home the point that wild animals used in circuses and other performances are often trained by having their spirits broken, forced to perform ridiculous, degrading stunts while otherwise caged and chained in trains and trailers, enduring arduous travel each year in small cages. Captive animals used for entertainment are denied their natural behaviors such as having extended social groups and living and moving freely in large outdoor areas.


What truly uplifted FoA was listening to youngsters from the public testifying that they don’t want to see wild animals in circuses. Six-year-old Charlotte Moore told legislators that some animals just don’t belong in circuses. “I really want to get rid of them,” she said. “They treat them badly and they have to be without their families.”


Friends of Animals also debunked the myth that breeding wild animals for circuses contributes to their conservation, a myth that circus employees perpetuated at the hearing. We pointed out that circuses breed animals to exploit them for financial gain—they are not contributing to conservation of the habitats of these animals in their native range in any way, nor are they reintroducing animals back into the wild, the gold standard of conservation.


Please feel free to use these points when communicating with Council Members.




Exotic or non-exotic making animals perform is cruel! Please stop this practice!

Animals should not be used for entertainment. Please ban animals in the circus.

This abuse has to stop . Leave these animals alone . This world stinks allowing this

Please stop using and abusing animals in the circus!

This is cruel and exploitation of animals. Shame on people !

Animal free circuses are the future and the future is now.

No animal should be forced to perform.

This is wrong and needs to end. Inhumane and morally bankrupt. Please act responsibly

No animal should be used for our entertainment and/or profit

I urge lawmakers to ban all performances by exotic animals. This is cruel exploitation.


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