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South Africa tragedy highlights the need for a trophy hunting ban to stop poachers

June 07, 2017 | cecil's law


We’re horrified by the news that last Sunday night, poachers broke into the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary and killed two lions who had only recently been rescued from an illegal circus operation in Peru and Colombia. They had experienced years of abuse, including being declawed, and had been kept in tiny cages for extensive periods of time. After being heroically rescued by Animal Defenders International, they grew a close bond and became best friends.  


However, their friendship only lasted less than a year before this tragedy occurred. According to the sanctuary, the lions were beheaded and had limbs removed at the hands of the poachers. It is believed that they did this in the hopes of selling the lion’s heads, skins and bones on the black market. 


This tragedy highlights why countries need to take action and ban trophy hunting as legal trophy hunting fuels poaching by providing poachers a legal market to launder their contraband. One example is South Africa—the country has seen a marked rise in illegal rhino poaching since it began selling permits for trophy hunted rhinos in 2004. Illegal trophy hunting has increased 5,000 percent since 2007.


Cecil’s Law, legislation Friend of Animals drafted that would ban the importation, possession, sale or transportation of the African elephant, lion, leopard, and black and white rhinos or their body parts—all threatened and endangered species, is moving through the New York legislature this session. If it passes, the U.S. can start to make a positive difference in the lives of African lions as New York is the busiest port of entry in the U.S. 


From 2005 to 2014, 1,169 African leopard trophies were imported into New York.


We are urging all our New York supporters to call their state senators and tell them to support S1883, and to call their assembly members to support A4010. (Research shows that calling and speaking directly with legislators is most effective). To find an online directory of assembly members, click here. We find your state senators here.


They deserved a life in a safe environment. So many tried to provide this..what a shame that thugs,got away with this.S

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