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Say NO to Hunting Crow

May 12, 2014 | Hunting & Wildlife Management


Did you know crows are migratory songbirds subject to the protection of various international treaties and conventions? They are regarded as intelligent, highly evolved, vocal birds, who feed on fruit, seeds, insects and are quick to seize an unexpected food sources. 


In the United States, however, they are exempt from protections due to regulations enacted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 1973. Since then, mostly unlimited crow hunting has been allowed throughout the country during designated “open seasons” which are typically 124 days a year, to meet the demands of hunters who want live shooting targets.

Recently, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife has proposed to extend the crow hunting season in the far north of the state that would take place from early February to mid-April and again from early August to late September. This would be in addition to the already existent crow-hunt season in the state, for which there is no daily bag limit.

This is obviously an attempt by the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife to appease hunters and justify increasing the sale of hunting licenses on which the department relies heavily. It is another example of how the cruel desires of hunters, who only make up 13% of the state of Maine, are directly influencing how the state’s public lands are used and abused.

We are asking our Maine supporters to OPPOSE this proposed crow hunting season and voice your opposition to the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. Tell them crows should be fully protected in Maine. All comments will be counted. It only takes a moment and could help make the difference between life and death for America’s crows.

Please send your comments to Becky Orff at the DIFW before May 30th:

Becky Orff, Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, 284 State Street, 41 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333.

Comments can also be emailed to or phoned to (207) 287-5202.



I srtongly oppose this bill. Hunting crows is animal abuse and continuing the hunting season is only allowing for more abuse to occur. Please don't let this wretched bill pass. Animals deserve rights too so please help the crows.

Eradication of an intelligent species, like the crows, seems to be the only thing you can think of to do? Obviously humans once again are hell bent on destroying any other living creature on earth.

I thought better of Maine. But to kill innocent Crows is clearly evil. Crows would never hunt humans. Hunting is a form of madness. I hope the state of Maine will regain its sanity!

stop this sick crow hunting


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