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FoA Legal Director Quoted in NPR Piece on Barred Owl Shootings

January 17, 2014 | Wildlife Law Program

Friends of Animals was included in a story on NPR's All Things Considered on January 16, 2014 about the U.S. Fish & Wildlife's experiment to kill up to 3,600 barred owls in the northwest as an attempt to protect the spotted owl.

Our legal efforts to stop the experiment were included in the piece and our Wildlife Law Director, Michael Harris, was quoted as saying,  "To go in and say we're going to kill thousands and thousands of barred owls, literally forever, I don't see that as being a solution. At some point you have to allow these species to either figure out a way to coexist or for nature to run its course." 

You can listen to the entire segment on NPR's website right here



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