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End Animal Killing Contests Like the "Squirrel Slam" in Holley, NY

January 16, 2014 | Take Action


FoA "Squirrel Slam" protest Facebook page.

Did you know that the village of Holley, N.Y.,  is preparing for another bloodbath Feb. 22, the day it plans to host another Squirrel Slam Day.

Last year when Friends of Animals found out about this annual killing contest/shooting competition  in northwestern New York that recruits children and rewards them with prizes after dead squirrels are weighed to determine who killed the heaviest ones, we mobilized supporters and took to the streets to protest the event. 

What makes the day even more abhorrent is it is billed a fundraiser for a fire department and semi-automatic rifles are raffled off and cash awards are given as children look on. 

Animal killing contests are part of a broader conversation on gun violence.  This event comes just a little over a year after a rifle wielding Adam Lanza committed mass murder at an elementary school, and earlier this week, a 12-year-old opened fire at a middle school and an elderly man fatally shot someone because he was text messaging during a movie.

FoA continues to work with New York state Sen. Tony Avella and other legislators to prohibit killing contests in New York and will once again convene on Holley in February to expose the pattern of abuse rampant in Holley.


1. Please view and share our compelling and informative short video documenting our experiences in Holley, N.Y., challenging the Squirrel Slam contest as part of our continued efforts to ban animal killing contests. 


2. Visit the Holley Fire Department website at and write to them or call them at 585-638-6884 and tell them it’s not too late to organize a different fundraiser.


3. Ask your state representatives to introduce bills that would ban such events. For New York residents, contact George D. Maziarz who represents the 62nd District, which includes all of Orleans County. Email him at


This is no contest it is a bunch of heartless idiots teaching kids to be heartless killers and we wonder why there are so damn many kids shooting each other at school. Well people like the Holly Fire Department are damn sure part of the problem. Stop killing defenseless animals, you cruel bunch of idiots.

open your eyes .. watch and read the news .. as children become more and more desensitized , we have a Fire Dept encouraging them to kill for fun and prizes .. many of these squirrels will be pregnant or nursing which makes this even sicker .. teach children to shoot with a camera instead of a gun, respect life, respect animals and perhaps they will have more respect for other human being. perhaps.

Please fill out this form, that goes to Governor Cuomo. We have to stop this!!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

It's all about the money not responsibility to be a Stewart of nature I would hope a fire department would be able to promote themselves in a more compassionate manner by showing respect for all life not just their own monetary concerns

This is disgusting. I cannot believe that the fire department would participate in something like this. I see why we're dealing with so many idiots shooting up schools, businesses, etc. We're teaching our children how NOT to care about a life. Children who feel nothing killing innocent animals usually go on to killing people! Wake up and be responsible adults!

For 7 years No one In NY bothers to put a end to this despicable blood shed of squirrels! Shame on the NY state Gov ! Shame on FIREFIGHTERS they are NO Heroes but cruel heartless people who made up a massacre of Squirrels as a contest? Hellooo They were supposed to save live not to take it! Even kids take part and smile holding the dead squirrels like sickos! Holley NY is hell hole where evil scumbags live

Let's stop barbaric and senseless killing of our wildlife for human entertainment.
Do you want the generations to be desensitized to death so they can move on to pets, then people.
You should be very ashamed of yourselves.
I have lost all respect for this fire department.
You have the power to stop this. I hope you have a heart.

A concerned citizen

I would like to join you protesting in Holley if this "contest" goes as planned. Please notify me. Thank You

How much MORE funds do you think you might raise if you held a day that appealed to everyone instead of completely alienating and disgusting half of those who might have otherwise contributed to your cause? USE YOUR BRAINS, even if you have no hearts or compassion.


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