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Cheers and Jeers

January 28, 2014 | Cheers and Jeers

We have a JEER this week for American rapper Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore, and his disturbing use of fur coats and dead animals in his music videos and concerts. The recent Grammy-award winning artist can be seen wearing a huge, fox fur coat multiple times in his popular music video for “Thriftshop”, as well as what appears to be the skin of a dead wolf perched on his head in a few shots. What makes this exploitation of fur even more heinous is the fact that the hit song “Thrifshop” has been heralded as an anti-consumerism anthem about not buying into the fashion industry. News flash, Macklemore... you’re playing right into the hands of the fashion industry by parading around in dead animal skins...even if they’re second-hand. 

At a recent concert in Seattle, WA, the rapper made a point to address his fur-wearing tendencies and attempted to excuse them by explaining that since the animal has been dead for a long time, he’s giving it “an awesome second life” by wearing it onstage. 

We find this kind of attitude and ignorance about the fur industry and the rights of animals to be completely despicable and believe that if Macklemore really wanted to make a statement about the fashion industry, he would use his fame and influence to help spread the message that fur is a thing of the past and NOT an item of clothing. Tell Macklemore to stop buying and wearing fur by sending him a message on Facebook or Twitter: @macklemore


Macklemore preaches about One Love ... why show such disrespect to animals by wearing fur?
Please grow up evolve and learn compassion.

That guy is somewhat around 30 years old. He is from another generation because the new kids (pre teens and teens) many of them are adopting a vegan lifestyle. Go to Instagram and you'll see them over there. What is amazing I see vegan kids in the military in Instagram!!! HOORAY TO THE NEW GENERATION!!!

How is it that $50 for a T-Shirt is appalling yet wearing a slain animal for its hide an appealing notion?

"Investigators uncovered unimaginable acts of systematic brutality and animal cruelty on a colossal scale. The report included evidence of severe animal welfare issues, including; In all farms visited in China, animals were handled roughly and were confined to rows of inappropriate, small wire cages, which fall way short of EU regulations. Signs of extreme anxiety and pathological behaviours were prominent throughout. Other indicators of poor welfare include high cub mortality, self-mutilation and infanticide. Animals were often slaughtered adjacent to wholesale markets, where farmers brought their animals for trade and large companies come to buy stocks. To get there, animals were often transported over large distances and under horrendous conditions before being slaughtered. Animals were typically stunned by repeated blows to the head or swung against the ground. A significant number of animals remained fully conscious during the skinning process. Even after their skin had been stripped off, breathing, heartbeat, directional body and eyelid movements were evident for 5 to 10 minutes."

That fur is NOT a come-up.

Please evolve and learn compassion.
Wearing a dead animal is immoral.


His comments are offensive and ignorant. He should take that money he's spending on another animals skin and take a trip to a fur farm. He's an insensitive prick who needs a reality check.

ok, I don't like the fur/skin wearing, but has anyone tried to approach him on a one-on-one level without knocking him or belittling him as this article does? I don't condone the eating of meat or the wearing or using of animals for any reason, but one needs to appeal to the "individuals" sense of morality with sugar and tact to initially get them to willing open their eyes. Otherwise one will be met with disdain and blockage. I've gotten more from people when speaking with them not AT them.

He was contacted and offered the excuse that the furs were second hand. However, if you would like to contact him as well, let us know your results.

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