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Mamaroneck village backs off plan to kill geese--Emails & calls still needed

March 28, 2013 | Geese / Hunting & Wildlife Management

The efforts of Friends of Animals and other local groups and residents have led the Mamaroneck Board of Trustees to back off from their plans to slaughter Canada Geese this summer, and from their signed contract with the USDA, as the article below details.

Please contact each member of the Mamaroneck Board of Trustees below and urge them to commit to habitat/landscape modification as outlined in Friends of Animals' Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual in addition to instituting a formal clean-up plan for goose droppings in parks.

Be sure to thank Trustee Illissa Miller for speaking out against the kill contract with the USDA at last night's meeting, and for making a motion to cancel the wrong-headed contract.

Let's make sure killing is off the table for good in Mamaroneck and that a long-overdue attitude of tolerance and respect for geese and other wildlife begin to take root. Please email or call:

Illissa Miller, Trustee

Leon Potok, Trustee

Louis N. Santoro, Deputy Mayor

Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom, Trustee

Norman S. Rosenblum, Mayor or Phone: (914) 777-7738

View the Friends of Animals' Canada Goose Modification Manual, written by an ornithologist and presented to the Mamaroneck Board of Trustees.

The Journal News

Mamaroneck village backs off plan to kill geese
Mamaroneck decides against kill option

Mar 28, 2013

A goose does what geese do at Columbus Park in Mamaroneck. The village has backed off plans to slaughter the geese in the wake of public outrage. / Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy/The Journal News, file
Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy

MAMARONECK - The Village Board decided Wednesday night that it would tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture that it was "not satisfied" with the option to kill the Canada geese and that other methods should be considered.

During a third public hearing on the village's plans with the USDA to round up and kill the geese this summer, all but one of 13 speakers spoke out against the plan.

"Start again, and bring the community into this whole equation," said village resident Gina von Eiff.
Soon after the hearing, Trustee Ilissa Miller sought to make a motion to cancel the $8,700 contract the village signed with the USDA last year.

"It's a contract I can not support," said Miller, who was elected in November.

Mayor Norman Rosenblum said Miller was "out of order" in seeking the motion, and the board briefly left the meeting to privately consult with Charles Goldberger, the village attorney.

The board reconvened a few minutes later, and Goldberger announced that the board would speak to the USDA representatives during the work session on April 1, before USDA's planned presentation to the community.
"We will ask them to consider utilizing other methodologies," Goldberger said.


The geese should not be killed, as all life has meaning. These geese are not some dangerous, deadly animals that pose a threat to society! The only reason humans want to kill them off is because the population has become "too large" and because of their droppings. However this is wrong of us. Think of how us humans have invaded nearly all places in the world, destroying the habitat and killing wildlife as we go. Compared to the damage that we have done, the geese have been harmless to us. They are also beautiful animals and deserve respect as all life does.

I really do like Margie's comment. It goes to the heart if the matter: the way tha humans view life - their respect for it or the lack thereof. Where animal life - especially sentient life - is cheap, so too is human life. Hence, you can, indeed, judge a nation by how it treats its animals. This being said, Margie's comment does contain a hidden chill: it is observed that "Normal men" had killed 250,000,000 of their fellow "normal men." And the body count keeps rising. The human animal really needs to take a good look at itself and make some changes, if "humane" isn't to become a unique, one-word oxymoron.

Mamaroneck has not canceled the contract with USDA. As of 3-29-13 Board members have indicated they want to "reexamine" the contract and that they want USDA to look at non-lethal methods. However, USDA has promoted a slaughter, DESPITE NOT KNOWING HOW MANY GEESE ARE ACTUALLY IN THE LOCATIONS. We cannot yet claim victory here. USDA is meeting with Mamaroneck officials on 4-1-13. We should know something following that meeting. But, until then, nothing is certain. FoA comments: There is no claim of victory here, but an alert to continue to contact Mamaroneck officials to encourage the progress they are making in seeing another solution -- habitat modification -- rather than kill the geese.

Wow, we have to be careful how we approach situations like this as what we tolerate in animals (who were in these lands first) we will eventually tolerate or not tolerate in humans. Mass destruction/indiscriminate killings of any species of animals allows the same mind set to mass destruction of a breed/type/color/religion human(s). What we allow in one area we will eventually tolerate in all areas--it is humans mind-set. Other methods of control need to be used. Wanton killing is never an answer for a humane society as we strive to be.

Kill them I say they are a nuisance and you have to control the population!!! FoA comments: What? Kill humans just because they are a nuisance and you have to control the population?

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