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Beyoncé's Christian Dior Fur Coat at the Presidential Inauguration

January 23, 2013 | Fur

fur pin

As many of our members and observers worldwide know, pop stars appeared in fur at the 2013 inaugural events. Though it might be difficult to    prevail upon celebrities to stop wearing fur, we can send a message in our communities to counteract the damage they do.

Consider purchasing as many of Friends of Animals' "No Fur" pins and stickers as you can put to good use. When you and your empathetic friends wear them on your coats, hats, iPad covers-you name it-people on trains, in restaurants, and even White House events get the picture that our culture does not find fur hip. Animals such as chinchillas, lynx, rabbits, mink and foxes could, but for the trade in their skin and hair, live free on Earth. To end the fur trade is, essentially, to extend animals their birthright of freedom. This is Friends of Animals' vital message. Animal rights presents a genuine and profound challenge to our culture. It's not just about having sympathy for maltreated animals and outrage over what people do to them, although it is that. It's about viewing them with respect and ensuring they can live in their own ways.

Say no to fur. Say it in public. Thank you.


What was she doing wearing an animals skin & probably a baby animal, to boot? Being a relatively new mother, one would think that she'd have more feeling for babies' skins.

Beyonce, so many young girls look at you as their role model. The message you should be saying to them is DON'T wear fur. You have talent, natural beauty & (I thought) brains. FURther your career WITHOUT FUR. Think about the poor animals who were once attached to your coat.

Shame on you, Beyonce! She should be setting an example for others. Thank goodness the Obamas are examples of class and kindness. Beyonce and others like her should their lack of compassion and kindness to living beings. I've lived in Minnesota in the past, where it can reach 50 degrees below zero and never wore a fur coat.

I think it is a case of ego. They need a fur coat like I need a hole in my head. They are only thinking of themselves. In this day & age they do not need fur.

Beyonce Really? Stop supporting those who profit on torturing our creatures.....

Uck Beyonce!! Very poor fashion taste. Wearing fur is so cruel. How could you display such a lack of caring and compassion?

I would NEVER patronize anyone who thinks it's okay to wear about a campaign to boycott Beyonce's music: Cd's, etc. until she comes to her senses !

Nobody except animals need fur! Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals and ugly people!

Bad show Beyonce! Set a better example and compassion and love for all creatures great and small!

I am so so upset. I really liked Beyonce and was a fan. I cannot tell you how sick to my stomach I am. This won't matter to her one bit, but I will never not ever ever listen to her music or her singing again. She is cruel, heartless, thoughtless and insensitive. How can people think it is ok to wear these animal skins, animals are skinned alive. See the videos anywhere on the internet. It is horrendous, dogs cats whatever they skin the poor creatures who watch the skinning before it is their turn and they are ALIVE while being skinned (some are still alive as they are slung on a pile of dead skinned animals and they have lived for up to 5 minutes) ! Its pure evil and just when you think people are aware, there's Beyonce an influential celebrity, wearing it. What an example she really is!

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