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Breaking News: Seal Pups in Quebec Aquarium Safe from Slaughter

September 18, 2012 | Seals / Take Action

Aquarium des ÃŽles plans to release two seal pups at sea in response to public outrage at impending kill

After public outcry in response to Friends of Animals' September 14th action alert urging the public to demand that the Aquarium des ÃŽles in Quebec, Canada, stop its senseless plan to slaughter two seal pups, Zak and Mika, whom they'd captured last spring, the Aquarium has released a statement today.

Aquarium officials say they have "received confirmation from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) that [they] had the permission to release its two harp seals at sea. We therefore intend to proceed to the release of the seals at sea as soon as possible, while taking care to ensure their good health and welfare meanwhile."

Friends of Animals will continue to press the Aquarium for documentation and proof of the impending release of the seals as well as ensure this never happens again. In the meantime, please continue to contact both the Aquarium and the Honourable Keith Ashfield (the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans) to insist that the seals be safely released and that any future permits to capture seals be denied.

It's irresponsible and disgraceful for the Aquarium to capture seal pups at all, but to capture them with the intent to kill them once its season ends cannot be tolerated. Thanks to your phone calls and emails, the Aquarium has reversed this cruel plan, but we need to make sure that they follow through with releasing the seals and that they commit to ending plans to ever capture seal pups again.

Please call the Honorable Keith Ashfield's office at 613-992-3474 and email him at

Call the Aquarium des ÃŽles to leave a message at 418-937-2277 and email them at


This aquarium must never again be allowed to steal animals from the wild, indeed, no aquarium should be doing this. The DFO MUST enact laws to ensure these situations do not happen again. Many thanks. J Frascinella, London, UK

First, thank you to Aquarium des ÃŽles for recognizing a basic humanity and respect of life regarding the 2 seals. I join in celebration with all my FOA friends who thought enough to protest their totally unjust slaughter. I would hope that Aquarium des ÃŽles will follow through a step further by contacting appropriate wildlife rehabilitators to ensure that these seals are able to adjust and adapt to the rigors of the wild and foraging for their own food, etc. After all, they were taken from their natural habitat at a very tender age, and so it would not be unreasonable to suggest that they may have a difficult time adjusting to their new "home." Please, DFO of Canada, make those who tamper with nature's young ones accountable for not only acts of "hostage taking" like this, but the later consequences. With deep appreciation, DJW Wachter, U.S.A.

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