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Action Needed RIGHT NOW to Stop the Execution of Two Seal Pups in Quebec on Saturday

September 14, 2012 | Animals in Entertainment / Take Action / Seals

An aquatic zoo in Quebec, Canada, the Aquarium des ÃŽles, captured two seal pups last spring, knowing full-well that they wouldn't be released, planning to simply kill the pups at the end of their season when they closed - which is tomorrow: Saturday, September 15th.

Calls are needed IMMEDIATELY: (418) 937-2277

Please tell them they need to do whatever they can to save the seals, either rehabilitated to be released, or sent to a marine animal sanctuary.

Also, please call the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Honourable Keith Ashfield, and insist that he order Aquarium des ÃŽles to cancel this kill, find a home for these seals, and deny them permits to get seals in the future.

Please CALL the Honorable Keith Ashfield's office IMMEDIATELY: 613-992-3474

Demand that Aquarium des ÃŽles be forced to care for these seals appropriately, and deny them any future permits for seals.

If you receive this after Saturday, you can still send emails to both: &


Please stop this execution and release these seals. Thank you for your kind consideration.

I think this animals need to be in there own natural place where they can breath freely not in a captivity where they are not free.

This would be the act of honor, compassion, humaneness, and conscience to release them.

Plaese stop the execution of the two seal pups in Quebec ! That is Cruel punishment to kill them now that you no longer need them.. You should be ashamed of yourself. Think of them as your own children. Would you allow someone to that to your children. STOP RIGHT NOW!

Please stop the execution of the two seal pups in Quebec immediately!

You have made your money from these two babies.Now they are no longer needed so they will be destroyed.You should be ashamed of yourselves

Can you imagine how the patrons of this aquatic zoo would feel if they knew of the blatant disregard of these creatures? Do you think parents would like to bring their young children to such an establishment with the knowledge of the manner in which they value young animal life? Should the cruelty and lack of regard for life be brought to public light, as it is now being done through Friends of the Animals, I'm certain that it will have negative repercussions on the percentage of visitors, and subsequently and specifically, their revenue. So many alternatives exist in lieu of destroying these young seals - be it returning them to the wild, shipping to another aquatic facility, sanctuary, or a remedy that can be as simple as taking up donations to provide for the seals' upkeep during the closed season. After all, did they not cherish their lives during their "open" season? It is my opinion that people who are "using" animals for exhibition and educational purposes should be ESPECIALLY in tune with the respect for life - as without it, there would be NO Aquarium des ÃŽles. Sincerely, DJW Wachter

My wildlife rehabilitation facility in New Brunswick, Canada was contacted by another animal welfare organization yesterday to see if we would be willing to take the seals at our site to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild. We indicated that we would since we do have experience rehabing seals but the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) would have to approve the transfer. The response we received back was that DFO does not want them released into the wild because of the fear of spreading disease to indigenous wildlife populations and they do not believe rehabbed animals survive very long in the wild. Instead they are willing to allow the aquarium to transfer or sell them to another aquarium in France under certain time constraints and costs. I sent the following message that we are available to assist if needed: As per our conversation this morning we have discussed the present situation about the seals with one of our colleagues at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) who specialize in wildlife medicine. It is our joint opinion that in order to address any of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans concerns about the spread of disease by these seals to wildlife populations, or, also, for that matter, through transference to any other captive facility, it is important to do a thorough health screening of the animals before any movement. DFO’s statement about limited survival of rehabilitated seals and concerns over the spread of diseases is in stark contrast to the work that has been done in this area by numerous prestigious marine mammal facilities around the world. Never-the-less, we all can agree that it is important to make sure that whatever action is taken that these seals are in good physical health. When we offered our rehabilitation facilities as a process of handling these seals we were also offering an alternative that would directly help alleviate concern over potential health risks. In the Atlantic Wildlife Institute’s (AWI’s) view, this is the primary focus of a good wildlife rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation by its very nature is focused on what it takes to actually make sure an animal is healthy before it is returned to nature. Therefore, before any action is taken to move these seals let’s find a way to get a real professional medical and husbandry assessment done to better guide the decision making process. Both AWI and AVC bring to the table decades of experience in our related fields of work. Our team would be more than willing to provide this assessment service. Of course the Aquarium and DFO would have to agree to allow it to happen. Please let us know what your thoughts are and if we can be of assistance. Sincerely, Barry Rothfuss Executive Director Atlantic Wildlife Institute

I cannot believe that you cant find another Zoo, Aquarium or Rescue for them. Its apparent that all they were to you was a way of making money. Please, consider their lives ==They are important,== as you may not think so. We are judged by the things we do in this life === Please ==Do the right thing == Re Home These beautiful creatures

Anybody else try to call? I called 418.937.2277 and got a long, involved message in French; sadly, my French is not that good... Is there another number? Someway to opt out of French and into English? Did call the Honorable Keith Ashfield's office, but they were closed (EST--I am Central). Left message. Sent emails. Forwarded to friends. Shared on Facebook & Twitter... The more of us who contact any way we can and/or pass it on, the better the chance to save the pups...


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