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Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls

October 11, 2012 | Hunting & Wildlife Management / Wolves

First victim wolf of Wyoming's 2012 hunt "“lured out of the protection of Yellowstone with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup. How low can you go?

Thanks Stan Castagno for stealing a magnificent wolf from 300,000,000 of us who were promised wildlife safety in National Parks.

Stan Castagno is Very Proud of his Betrayal and Murder of an Innocent Animal. If you would like to "Congratulate" him on his Trophy, you may PM him at his FaceBook Profile.

OR, If you would like to send him a Greeting Card "Congratulating" him on his Cowardly Act, his address is as follows:

Stanley Castagno
6788 Riverview Road
Riverton, WY. 82501-9321

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This is an innocent animal of God and you didn't kill it for food because you were starving, you look like you've had plenty to eat.To lure her to her death the way you did is awful it makes me sad, she was trying to help a baby and you murdered her. The Wildlife authorities should step in after all you did lure her away from Yellowstone so, basically it was one of their wolfs. You can bet I will be writing to Senators, Wildlife Official, whomever I can think of who might help in making you responsible for murdering this helpless animal. May God forgive you I can't. Karma is gonna be big on this one. Animal Lover.

I am disgusted by this "man", but what can we do about this situation? Who can we write to or call about putting a stop to this murder of wolves. There are enough people out there who are animal advocates, I think it's time we make ourselves heard! Any suggestions. . . . .

Mr. Castagno your act of cowardliness goes beyond comprehension. Not only were u afraid to face the wolf in it's own home, your took the basic instinct of any Mother and used it against her. Same on you. The wolf is an awesome animal. They love, they hurt, they protect, they cry. Sound familiar. When will the senseless act of killing for the sport of killing end? When no wild animals are left in the wild. Then will the cowards, who slaughter animals just to kill be happy?

Isn't anything worth saving any more? Don't understand how anyone can be so heartless,what did he get out of killing a beautiful animal? Praying God puts conviction in his heart.

Tragically, this is emblematic of most of what's wrong with the world, namely------- Men have no idea what it really means to be a man. They think it's more fun to be sadistic and destructive than to use their masculine energy to protect those weaker than them. Men will always be as sadistic as a government allows then to be.

I am so so furious, hurt, in pain. I just can't believe this Stan person is so ugly. I don't want to join facebook - certainly not his page. What else can I do to complain about this. It is too disgusting and truly horrifying. That's my sister there in that photo, tricked to her death by a vile excuse for a human being. What a discrace.

As a wolf biologist in Montana, I live in a world of bigotry and hatred. Wolves are killed because they are wolves, and this attitude is shared in Idaho and Wyoming. My review of the government's statistics has shown that Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks does not have scientific or moral justifications for killing these animals. Instead, money, convenience and politics are the motivations they use to manage wildlife, especially wolves. None of this is a secret. The information has been there for years, but no one looked. The killing of wolves is fueled by the minority of bigots who FWP caters to, and by an apathetic public who does nothing to stop it. Until people say "no" to FWP using emails, letters, and phone calls, and over a sustained amount of time, wolves will continue to be slaughtered. Jay Mallonee Wolf and Wildlife Studies

That is so sad, it's bad enough when they get killed on tne side of the road but when they are in there own back yard. People need to wake up. I would love for my grandchildren to see and enjoy these wonderful animals but they won't get to with people like this. Shame on you.

I sent a message to "MR." Castagno. Hope it belittles his pride.