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Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls

October 11, 2012 | Hunting & Wildlife Management / Wolves

First victim wolf of Wyoming's 2012 hunt "“lured out of the protection of Yellowstone with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup. How low can you go?

Thanks Stan Castagno for stealing a magnificent wolf from 300,000,000 of us who were promised wildlife safety in National Parks.

Stan Castagno is Very Proud of his Betrayal and Murder of an Innocent Animal. If you would like to "Congratulate" him on his Trophy, you may PM him at his FaceBook Profile.

OR, If you would like to send him a Greeting Card "Congratulating" him on his Cowardly Act, his address is as follows:

Stanley Castagno
6788 Riverview Road
Riverton, WY. 82501-9321

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I agree with everyone, this so called man is a low-life cowardly piece of GARBAGE!! Murdering this beautiful animal is bad enough, but using the pups distress call was horrible. Karma will in deed come back to get him!! GOD will also take care of the garbage. ALL OF US MUST COME TOGETHER TO HELP THE WOLVES. WE MUST BE THEIR VOICE!!

I would like to invite Stan on an exciting hunt, worthy of being filmed for real entertainment. HUNT RULES: A 10 mile chunk of forest enclosed so the pack of very hungry wolves can't escape.---[2] Maybe Stan can take down the whole pack so go get 'em Stan. [3] You go in via helicopter about the center of the enclosure so u have a chance to get them all including 2 cubs.-- [4] To keep the HUNT sporting; since the wolves have no weapons neither will you. Now this is entertainment I would love 2 see.Does ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET THIS INVITATION TO STAN??


How would you feel if I stood there with a gun and a tape of our children crying "Daddy Daddy" and then killed you when you came to rescue them. Put your ego aside "Big Hunter". You should be ashamed but men like you never are!!! God help u all and keep us safe from the likes of you.

Unfortunately ranchers surrounding the park feel that their livestock are at risk. An alpha female that was found to be hunting livestock, was taken out by a fish and wildlife officer. At least one of the ranchers disagreed with the kill. The wolves are tracked with radio collars and he was more comfortable knowing where the pack was at. Please see a National Geographic DVD; Strange Days on Planet Earth - Volume 2, Episode 3, Predators. It demonstrates why wolves are VITALLY important to the entire park's ecosystem. The wolves create a system that prevents river erosion, more biodiversity, and the overall health of the forests. Aspen would have become extinct within the park, if it wasn't for the reintroduction of the wolves. So hey - the guy's address and FB account are listed - Let's give him Hell for what he did and educate him!! He is obviously ignorant of how we need to coexist with the top predators.

A beautiful animal gone for no good reason. What a waste.

This Stan so called man, will get what he deserves.! I hope one of these great wolves, he is stalking and killing, turns on him.! what a COWARD, THE WOLVES HAVE OUTSMARTED HIM, SO HE TURNS TO THE ANIMAL'S COMPASSION AND GOOD SIDE , TO BE ABLE TO MURDER THE WOLVES.! He a coward, devoid of any morals.

Either it's time to arm the animals or start eating animal hunters. [Editors' note: FoA sells Support the Right to Arm Bears decals at $2.00 for two. It's fitting to change minds, yet wolf hunters are mindless. The State of Wyoming needs to be sued, a task which we're assisting along with 6 or so other conservation groups. As for dining on two-legged hunters, no thanks! The editors are vegan.]

You only have to take a look at this little unattractive coward with his red face from hypertension and you know he's full of inferiority complexes. Women are not running after him, so he has to prove himself his masculinity by killing other creatures - what a sad piece of uneducated human being not knowing that real men don't have to kill to prove they're men. I'd really like to watch this guy running for his useless life while he's trying to really hunt a wolf or a bear without any weapons - presumably, he'd lose his pee faster than his shoes in such a situation :-)!

This COWARD is as ugly as he is STUPID. !WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND. you have no right to take any life. who the hell do you are ..killing these precious animals? ... get a real life. people like you are a waste of skin.