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Connecticut Bear Scare -- False Alarm

January 11, 2012 | Press Releases / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Free-Living Animals / Bears

For Immediate Release: 11 Jan. 2012

black bear

Contact: Nancy Rice
Friends of Animals
E-mail or Tel: 203.656.1522

Contact: Priscilla Feral,
President, Friends of Animals
E-mail or Tel: 203.656.1522

DARIEN, CT -- Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is mulling a bear hunt lottery, sending an alarming message about big, bad bears "“ based less on facts than a fairy tale.

A look at the data shows the DEEP tallying bears in a way that can alarm the public and create a perceived need for hunting permits.

Friends of Animals, through the Freedom of Information Act, asked for documentation, and found that the sighting numbers consist of hearsay, not science. Several tallies could simply amount to one bear migrating from one area to another.

"Nor should bears be vilified because they happen to be seen "“ in a state of 3.5 million people," said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals.

Bears are not targeted in Connecticut, a state which has not held a bear hunt since 1840.

"We're asking our members and Connecticut residents to assure the governor that while this idea might draw money from hunters in search of a new thrill, it's wrongheaded," Feral said.

Friends of Animals' idea of a better plan? "Educate residents on how to co-exist with bears-including commonsense measures such as proper garbage disposal and storage, and not inadvertently attracting bears by using bird and squirrel feeders."

American black bears (Ursus americanus) are native to North America, and are the continent's smallest and most common bear species. They are omnivores whose diets vary, contingent on location and season. They typically live in woodlands, but are known to become attracted to human communities because of the availability of food.

Friends of Animals is asking members and Connecticut residents to contact the governor and ask that the bear hunt be removed from further consideration. The group has stated that the only appropriate action is education: to have Connecticut be a model for safe, ecologically aware living, involving respecting bears rather than turning them into an annual sport.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy can be reached at: or toll-free on 1-800-406-1527



Anyone interested in the scientific fight against "Alaska's Predator Holocaust" should visit the Facebook page by that name. We are looking for all the support we can get to stop the attempt to exterminate most "predators" from Alaska. Stephen F. Stringham, PhD Director - Bear Viewing Assoc. President-WildWatch

If you are as outraged about the proposed black bear hunt in Connecticut, please take action! tell Governor Malloy and the CT DEEP that we do NOT support a black bear hunt in Connecticut! FoA comments: Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy can be reached at: or toll-free on 1-800-406-1527

Whose bears are that? Who is permitted to kill them ? Where we all live? Must we stay together with killing human monsters around? Those who are cruel to animals cannot be righteous human beings. Authorities have to immediately place a ban on cruelties, on killings, on tortures like laboratory-testings or else – to all living creatures by applying the strongest justice to persons responsible ! Further we have to create a law on how to work with and handle animals for those stupids who cannot think humanely. Human beings and animals have right to live protected by us! Monsters should get separated from other human beings who don´t disturb their feelings in a inhumane way ! I wish them never to sleep nights and be tortured by their own dramas: emptiness in their brains and hearts. Humans should have the intelligence & moral obligation to try and counteract problems in a humane way. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.“ Mahatma Gandhi Those who are cruel to animals cannot be righteous human beings and have to ban out from civilized society. That means all together find an island to bring the killers there !!! – hope as fas as possible for no one can ever reach them again !


Please cease these inhumane, irresponsible killing of bears in Conecticut. To needlesly eliminate a Mom & Cubs, with no regard for life, is shameful. Those who commit these killings, should suffer the same fate!!!

Bear problems are real - All the emotional rhetoric you can muster won't change the eventual outcome. All your DEEP and hunter bashing, only shows your ignorance to the facts. Hunting or no hunting - unchecked deer and bear populations cause problems. FoA comments: The real problems that bears have are caused by humans. Most of the problems humans have are caused by humans. Killing bears, rather than learning how to co-exist with them and the rest of nature, isn't a solution for either set of problems.

Totally unacceptable!!!

Its connecticut! The whole state is going downhill. It use to be a beautiful state of open land and wildlife. You could walk through the woods freely without running into these low life hunters with their monkey suits on. Now all they do is kill the animals. If the dep and ct higher up do not like something or what an animal does "KILL IT" that's connecticuts motto. The DEP and the government are full of hunters, what gives them the right to decide what needs killing?? All of these animals are running because you have the sick hunters in their little suits and ladders waiting to kill them as they graze in their own territory. Wildlife is trying to find safety from all these hunters. Wild animals have more of a right to be here than the humans. I have been here for over 60 years and believe me Living in Ct disgusts me. its the killing of wildlife capital of the east. Can hardly wait to get out of this cruel state!!

How did we get so cold as a culture that our society has no concern for god's creatures. We move into their virgin froests and slaughter them without a thought. Shame, shame, shame!

Murdering animals is the lust hunters love. The government agency has controlled the animal population in favor of the blood thirsty hunters. Controlling the amount of human building activity on what was once the animals' homeland, now human land. Animals are now encroaching on what was once theirs, now on human land. Animals have every right for protection for their sanctuary of living as we do. This is just another example of how humans exploit the other citizens of earth. The right to arm bears not hunters. Amen to that


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