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New York City Carriage Horse Ban

February 29, 2012 | Horses / Animal Rights

FoA's Edita Birnkrant & NY State Senator Tony Avella on Mindlight Television

horse carriage

Midlight Television, broadcast on Time Warner Cable throughout New York City, and the tri-state area filmed a show in February, 2012 about the campaign to ban New York City's horse-drawn carriage industry. Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals, and NY State Senator Tony Avella were the featured guests on the hour long show, interviewed by Mindlight TV host Anna Vitale. View the show here.

The history and ongoing efforts of Friends of Animals' campaign and partnership with Senator Tony Avella in helping draft, promote and pass the state ban legislation are covered in the show, along with footage and information about the NYC carriage horse we helped rescue from the slaughter auctions, what viewers can do to help get the ban passed in the Senate and Assembly, and many details on the exploitation inherent in the horse-drawn carriage industry are discussed, as well as details on horse slaughter and how it is connected to the industry.

Live phone calls from viewers are taken during the show and answered by Edita and Tony. This informative show educate viewers about the reality of what life is for a horse forced to pull a carriage in an urban environment, and gives an educational background on the history of activism led by Friends of Animals that has culminated in the New York state legislation currently pending in the NY Senate and Assembly that would finally achieve freedom for the 220 horses exploited daily by the horse-drawn carriage industry, and which would mandate their placement in true sanctuaries once the industry is banned. Viewers are given information and details on how they can help the horses now, get involved and join Friends of Animals at the Lobby Day of Action in Albany on May 1st.

**The show will be broadcast throughout March and beyond on Time Warner Cable, airing in two parts. Channels & Dates for March 2012 broadcast are as follows:

New York City: Channel 67 -- 9:30pm: Part 1: March 13, Part 2: March 20th

Woodbury, Long Island: Channel 115 -- Wednesdays at 10:30pm: Part 1: February 29, Part 2: March 7, Part 1: March 14, Part 2: March 21

Great Neck, Long Island: Channel 20 -- Tuesdays at 9:30pm & Fridays at 10:30pm: Part 1: March 6, Part 2: March 9, March 13, March 16, March 20, March 23

Yonkers, NY: Channel 18 -- Sundays at 11:30pm: Part 1, February 3, Part 2, March 3; March 18, March 25

QPTV, Queens NY -- Wednesdays at 5:30 & Fridays at 10:30: Channel 35 Part 1: March 2, March 7, Part 2: March 9, March 14

Hauppauge, Long Island, Channel 20 -- Tuesdays at 3:30pm: Part 1: March 13, Part 2: March 20


Something has to be done eventually to stop this maltreatment of horses. In China, they used to use humans to pull carts! See what it feels like!

I was just in New York City and I saw first hand on some of the conditions of the horses that parade the noisy streets of New York City to give the people some enjoyment of seeing the sights. They needed there shoes done, hooves were cracked, and I didn't see any water breaks(although I might have not noticed). I think the city should have a time limit on how long the horses are to be "working" for.

It's all very quaint and romantic but please, get the horses off of the street! You could just as well keep the carriage rides to the parks only! FoA comments: Off the streets and out of the parks. It's arguable that one is worst than the other, but both are still wrong.

Bloomberg the billionaire mayor says he doesn't want to stop the tradition of the horse carriage. Bloomberg doesn't care about the welfare of the animal only to satisfy the human greed at the expense of the animal. Call Bloomberg and tell this guy you care about the horses not tradition. FoA comments: Good idea. If you live in New York City, you can call the Mayor’s office at City Hall at 212.788.300 or 311 Outside of New York City, call 212-NEW-YORK. Fax a message: 212-788-8123.

horses should not be exxxxploited. people can walk in the park. the horses should not be killed. they should receive the same rights as anyone.

Thanks, Grady and Friends of Animals. I never thought of calling 311! While we're on the subject, you can also visit and tell them to ban the carriage trade via the web.

Bravo Tony Avella !! I'm so proud that you are my Senator, and you are working for your constituents. Horse drawn Carriages are an issue i have always been against , but at the same time wondered what would become of the Horses I am currently against the BLM for their massacre of our Wild Horses and Burros /Donkeys , the latter, often just shot and left to die in the Desert. I cannot understand for the life of me why they are rounded up by helicopters , a person who is familiar w/ Horses knows they are shy frightened creatures. I cant imagine the Horror and abuse ---Very Sad. Thanks for your support on this issue. Sincerely Marcie Newman-Perskin

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