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Protesters gather in Helena to protest wolf hunt

October 14, 2011 | Wolves

KXLH Helena News
Protesters gather in Helena to protest wolf hunt


About two dozen people have gathered in front of the Capitol in Helena to protest the hunting of wolves in Montana.

People from several wolf-advocacy groups are holding signs and howling, and plan to deliver their message to Governor Brian Schweitzer.

In a press release several days ago, Friends Of Animals spokeswoman Priscilla Feral said, "We're demanding an immediate end to state-sponsored wolf slaughter and, until it ends, we've called for a complete boycott of the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming."

Reporter Marnee Banks is at the scene and will have more information about the "Howl In" during this evening's newscast.


I sincerely hope that Governor Schweitzer listens and hears the cry of the people and the cry of the wolves as they are mercilessly slaughtered and kicked to death if in a trap. I hope he can hear the cry of the pups as they die in pain from starvation. Can he imagine a couple of human parents being slaughtered and their children left to starve to death, dying in pain from starvation? What makes him think the wolf's pain is any less, or that God gave them pups just so they could die a cold, cruel death. GOVERNOR SCHWEITZER....these are living, feeling beings too. There is no need for killing. Defenders has shown you ways that would keep your herds safe, and keep the wolves away. What is your problem? You just like slaughtering dogs? You hate animals? God put these wolves here for a reason. It's up to Him to rearrange His plan....not you.

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