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Wolf and Wildlife Studies

November 29, 2011 | Miscellaneous / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Wolves

Wolf and Wildlife Studies is an organization owned and operated by Jay Mallonee, and is dedicated to educating the public about the environment. This occurs through ongoing field research of northwest Montana's wolves, including a nine year study of the Fishtrap pack. Mallonee recently published a review of the government's data regarding wolf population numbers, which he found to be flawed. Therefore, the quota set for Montana's current public wolf hunt is completely arbitrary, because the state of Montana does not actually know how many wolves it has. Please visit our website to download this paper and for additional information about wildlife and animal behavior.

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Let's get the proper perspective here. Are they collaring all the other predatory animals in these areas where the wolves are being persecuted? I doubt it. FoA comments: The number one predatory animals are humans. They kill far more cows and other animals than any other predator. Among other fine human qualities, they are also good at laying the blame elsewhere.

That's strange. I just closed out the petition for the wolf on Nobody could find where to sign. Couldn't use their email setup without contracting a I sent what signatures I had to the governors in Wy, Id, and Mt. I told them in my closing that it wasn't the wolf that was the main predator. There are other predators out there. The worst one is...MAN.

What is the Ninth Circuit Court doing? They have all the legal statistics now from scientists, biologists and farmers have bee shown how to keep their livestock safe. Studies done by the proper authorities have been submitted to the court. Delisting the wolf on the hidden rider wasn't legal as far as I can tell. Why is the court dragging it's feet when they have all the proper, authentic documentation in front of them? Now through the cold winter, the wolves in Idaho are going to die horrific deaths...and many pups will starve and freeze to death. This is our justice system?

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