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Judge Molloy Upholds "Wolf Delisting Rider"! Horrible News!!

August 04, 2011 | Wolves

I'm away from home and have to report this terrible news. Judge Molloy upheld the "wolf delisting rider" via budget bill.

Part of the ESA died tonight along with the future of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies. I can barely type this, it's so heartbreaking.

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My great grandmother was full Native American Indian and she HONORED and lived life for and through the wolf`s spirit! AND NOW THEY ARE TAKING THIS AWAY FROM ALL OF US!?! SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

Do not let the Northern Rockies Gray Wolf disappear from our world forever. We need to gather together and hold tight for this beautiful animal. We who honor the presence of all being of this planet must represent those who cannot represent themselves. TY

I live in the state of Maine and I feel that people can be so cruel to animals what did they do to the American people nothing.I feel as though they should be set free to live free what would the Indians tell theses people I live for my wolves they are beautiful creations and should be let go not killed if the state doesn't want them then they should be transported to better location where they can be free and live the wild that's what god intended for theses animals so please have some respect this just shows that its ok to perform cruelty on animals when its against the law in most states

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