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Howling Across America to Save Wolves

August 12, 2011 | Wolves / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Free-Living Animals / Take Action
photo by John Hyde
Like Humans, Wolves Live In Families. Like Humans, Wolves Need Friends.
Wolves display high intelligence, expressiveness, and other characteristics that enable them to maintain sophisticated, family-based social bonds. Without friends defending their rights and interests, the fates of wolves in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and most of the Northern Rockies are thrown to hunters, ranchers and federal agents under the "livestock protection" banner.

Friends of Animals: Howling Across America to Save Wolves · Tonight (Friday): Wolf Advocate Priscilla Feral on HLN's Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell · Rallies and Boycotts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming · Legal Appeal for Wolves Special announcement: Watch Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral as a guest of Jane Velez-Mitchell today on CNN's HLN TV (SEE VIDEO), talking about today's DC Rally for Wolves and efforts to halt the killing. To become a friend to help Friends of Animals protect wolves, donate now. In April 2011, the U.S. Congress slipped a wolf de-listing rider into the federal budget bill, yanking wolves from the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies-where it's estimated that just over 1500 wolves remain. Said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals: "Removing federal protection and subjecting wolves to more hunting is unconstitutional and unconscionable."

The Rally for Wolves in Washington, DC today to denounce this underhanded de-listing is the first of many rallies in North America. Members and supporters of Friends of Animals now call for a travel and economic boycott of the states that advocate killing wolves: Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. "We need to put the economic screws to state governments that persecute wolves at the behest of haters," said Feral. Tags are already on sale in Montana for the shooting of 225 wolves; more than 1000 tags have been sold in the first few days. In Idaho, the bloodbath is slated to begin this month - on the 30th of August. Friends of Animals' legal experts are now drafting an amicus brief to buttress an appeal before federal Judge Donald Molloy by Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater and WildEarth Guardians "to preserve both wolves and the rule of law in the Northern Rockies." Time is of the essence. Support our efforts today. If you can do a Howl-In for your city (international support is welcome), email Dustin Rhodes. Everyone can contact the governors and announce your intent to boycott travel in each state for as long as they continue persecuting wolves:

Wolf Howl-In Demo
Howl-In Washington DC -- August 12, 2011

Governor Butch Otter of Idaho Office of the Governor State Capitol P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720 Phone: 208.3342100 Fax: 208.334.3454 Governor Brian D. Schweitzer Office of the Governor Montana State Capitol Bldg. P.O. Box 200801 Helena, MT 59620-0801 Phone: 406.444.3111 Fax: 406.444.5529 Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming State Capitol, 200 West 24th St. Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010 Phone: 307.777.7434 Fax: 307.632.3909


I also have been up most of the night letting people know whats happening. The right thing to do is leave the wolves be!!!! but if something must be done all 3 states have more than enough open land to build a sanctuary or preserve in each state, they would not only save the wolves but many people would visit bringing in revenue. There are other options besides extinction. Please rethink your decisions governors, do the right and human thing save the wolves like we did with the wales, buffaloes, baby seals etc. it is not a hard thing to do the right thing, you would stand out and your choice would define the kind of human being you really are. PLEASE change this before it is too late. DO NOT let hindsight become the excuse for bad legislature!!!!!

I was saddened to learn about this yesterday when I was watching the Jane Velez-Mitchell show. I am an animal lover, rescue stray dogs (have kept one so far) and take them to the local animal shelter, where they are saved, not killed, until someone adopts them. This is just another sad moment and what is really happening to our country! Killing innocent animals? I think we all seem to forget THEY were here first and we are taking over THEIR land! Get it right Washington and all politicians. You should have no say over the wolves or other animals for that matter. Spend your time trying to save our country from financial ruin!!! Get a clue!!!

Many howls and thank you for stepping up for gray wolves! It is the greedy ranchers who want to fall trees and LET THEIR CASH COWS GRAZE ON PUBLIC LANDS - WOLF TERRITORY!!!! The hunters, who ALSO do not want to compete with an apex predator for prey animals are happy to do the dirty work of killing the wolves. The two-legged hunters are actually weakening the elk herds by taking the strongest trophy animals for their walls of shame. The sadistic remarks of hunters on public forums who want to BRUTALIZE wolves even before killing them, is sick and something that must be stopped!!! They will literally be arrowing wolves to death in less than 3 weeks! Unthinkable - the wolf is the father of all dogs - some species - same DNA - canis lupus!

this is insane why,why,why,why would any human being let this happen. whats the end result please in the name of all that's holy do not authorize this insanity move on to bigger global problems.

Please protect our wild wolves. They are a part of our marvelous American heritage that can soon be gone. God bless!

I am appauled about the Killing of Wolves and animals .. I am tired of people whom are suppose to represent what the People want and they do the OPPOSITE.. The PEOPLE voted you in, I will Not travel to any of these states and I am going to be calling the Governors on this ISSUE.. Why kill and destroy these precious animals that God PUT on this Earth ... So Sad, thanks for all you have done .. Friends for animals..

I have one question, since when is it out job to decide that a certain animal should be killed. I am so very upset about all this talk of wolves. The are beautiful animals. I can't see how we as man have a right to kill off anything. I truly think that these people should think twice before doing it. God created these animals, just as he created us. Now I am sure we would not want anyone to hunt us down and kill us. I sure know I wouldn't.

To be honest, it became international - I saw this video on polish TV. Are those senators nuts? Shooting 80% of wolves off is not madness - it's just stupid. Killing 80% of anything, any specie is just damn extinction. It's damn holocaust! Moreover it leads to problems with ecological balance! Everywhere US is acting like world's police and the establishment cannot even do anything right on its own yard? Too sad, that "greens" could be totally ignored in those states. I'll share this video with my polish friends, maybe we could do some howling in Warsaw for wolves across the ocean. But one thing is missing - why those people want to do this hunting? Is it because those redneck farmers don't want to spare a few dollars on electric fences? Wolves are afraid of people and attack cattle only if they are starving hungry. What the hell? Or maybe some people are just dying to shoot to something? I have an advice - shoot to yourself. It's easier and no innocent creature will be hurt.

I forgot one thing, I was too angry after hearing all this cruel stupidity. Maybe the organisation would make an international petition for people to sign. I know a lot of countries that are more into wildlife, where people will sign this immediately. Poland. Finland. Czech Republic. Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia etc etc etc. Please let us help you and your magnificent wolves.

I just sent emails to the governors of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana that they have the power to stop an unnecessary extinction of a large piece of American history. It is barbaric to me that the slaughter of such majestic animals, who are already low in numbers, have no where to go, are set to be killed for absolutely no reason. I guess we'll all have to look at pictures to remember what wolves look like if this is not stopped immediately, I truly hope the states involved listen to all of our voices and put a stop to this. All man seems to want to do is seek and destroy, WHY? History just keeps repeating itself, is nothing sacred? Pat