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Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Unleashed on Sandhill Cranes

September 03, 2010 | Hunting & Wildlife Management

Friends of Animals Calls on Minnesotans and All Bird Advocates to Defend Birds

For Immediate Release: 3 Sept. 2010

Contact: Parker Lewis by EMAIL

Priscilla Feral by EMAIL

Who'd want to be an animal around us? Horses chased down with helicopters. Geese gassed in New York. And now it's a sandhill crane hunting season in Minnesota, scheduled for the 4th of September through October 10th.

Who are these scary animals on whom the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is turning hunters loose? Tall, graceful beings with sandy feathers and bright red heads. They usually mate for life. They teach their young to dance to acquire the precision and agility required for their mid-continental flights.

But that's not how Bill Penning of the Department of Natural Resources describes them. Penning says, "I've never eaten them, but everyone says they're delicious."*

· CONTACT: Bill Penning, Farmland Wildlife Program Leader at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: EMAIL 651-259-5230 / 651-296-0704

As explained in coverage by the Star-Tribune, hunters will pursue sandhill cranes as they do geese, deploying decoys. Nontoxic shot, we're assured, will be required.

Well, the officials themselves need controlling. Even groups that don't oppose hunting have raised alarm bells over this, as it looks like the DNR sneaked its way around the normal public comment process:

Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral said, "Minnesotans haven't hunted sandhill cranes birds since 1916. Why now? Advocates, communicate your views now, before this latest display of human arrogance turns into the newest cycle of torment."

· CONTACT: Mark Holsten, Commissioner: EMAIL 651-259-5555 / 651 259-5022 Ask that this hunt be stopped.

· CONTACT: Office of the Governor: EMAIL 651-296-3391 Website -- Ask that this hunt be stopped.

· CONTACT: media. Tell the Star-Tribune this is no sport: Website

"Outdoors" reporter Doug Smith: Website

* Quote source: Doug Smith, [Minneapolis-St.Paul] Star Tribune: "Minnesota crane hunt returning after 94 years" (19 Jul. 2010).

Friends of Animals, founded in 1957, advocates for the right of animals to live free according to their own terms.


This is just legal mass slaughter, Its horrendous to think these poor beautiful sandhill cranes close family will be shattered. Why must they be anniolated by hunters. its dreadful news.

Its impossible to express the outrage and anger I feel when I read these emails. How anyone could wantonly kill any creature is beyond me. Where the arrogance comes from that allows any human being to think they own the planet and all creatures in it and that every creature gets to live so long as a human doesn't want him/her dead is beyond belief. It stuns me. In Brooklyn, NY at Prospect Park a flock of geese were killed. Why? What possible harm could they be guilty of besides living. And there is a zoo in that park. May God help and protect those animals.

Most certainly killing these beautiful cranes is not a sport, neither is killing geese, deer and rounding up wild horses. The BLM wants the extinction of the wild horses and Madeleine Pickens is helping, however inadvertently.

Why do these beautiful birds need to be hunted?? What are they doing that requires this hunt? We humans should be ashamed of ourselves. We are no doubt the worst of God's creatures.

This is another pathetic attempt to eliminate anything that gets in the way of or inconveniences the almighty humans. Enough is enough it is time to stand up for the innocent creatures that are unfortunate enough to share this planet with us.


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