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October 28, 2010 | Deer / Hunting & Wildlife Management

A demonstration will be held at Valley Forge Park on Sunday November 7th from 2:00-4:00PM, in the Lower Welcome Center Parking Lot to oppose the park's deer management plan.

On Wednesday October 27, 2010 the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled to approve the use of sharpshooters to kill more than 80% of the white-tailed deer who live at Valley Forge National Historical Park over the next four years. The surviving deer would purportedly be subjected to pharmaceutical birth control in five to six years as according to the judge's acceptance of the park's plan.

Upon reading the courts decision, Lee Hall of Friends of Animals, asked "In five to six years, are we going to have every animal on public lands controlled the way we want them to be controlled? Because I think there's a macabre, Disneyesque aspect to that."

Matthew McLaughlin, Director of the Pennsylvania Chapter of Friends of Animals, stated, "It's appalling that sharpshooters will be allowed into the park in the name of respecting scenery and monuments."

Friends of Animals and the West Chester based group Compassion for Animals-Respect for the Environment (CARE) will appeal the court's decision.


First off they're not gonna starve. That's an old cliche that hunters and management like to use. Deer are smart enough to find food. Hey, they're in their own little paradise. No bullets flying there. Some people like to exterminate animals for the sake of just killing. How unfortunate.

Lisa Dee: It's best to study the topic before you comment. This has nothing to do with whether or not we'll see a "hunt continue" as there has never been any hunting in Valley Forge National Historical Park.

The folks that continuously refer to the thinning of the deer population at Valley Forge Park are imbeciles. There are a finite number of licenses available for purchase. A survey is done of the deer population before the quantity of licenses are determined. It is a fact that should this hunt not continue that the population would expand out of control. This overpopulation results in starvation and repeated slaughter of the deer from vehicular accidents. Personally, I am a deer hunter, and eat what I kill. I would much rather the deer be humanely killed and provide food for people, than to suffer a horrible death through starvation or auto accident.

deer management is for the best for deers they starve if there are to many.we harvest what we take .why not go after beefers??? or chicken farms??????

If you live close to the park I hope you enjoy the new "monuments" that the park off. are in the processing of erecting. I was there today, just got home in fact. My purpose for going today was to rather sadly say goodbye to my very RESPECTFUL friends the deer. You see after Monday and on from there I do not know which ones I will get to see again. The new monuments that are being crafted are nice wooden blockades with orange drapes around with lovely yellow rope. Gearing up for Monday I guess.... so much nicer to look at than a DEER, huh?

I only wish I could be there for the demonstration. I live in Massachusetts and will be going to a memorial service in New York for a friend who all his life worked for world peace. As an ethical, caring man he would probably have come to your demonstration - as would I if not for his memorial service. Our family has a family of deer that regularly come to our property to feed - sometimes I count as many as five from my window. We love seeing these beautiful creatures and would NEVER hunt or hurt them in any way.

Thank you Lee, Matt and others for your tremendous contribution to this cause. I will be there and gathering as many clients and friends as I can as we are all opposed to this cull and are devastated by the recent decision.

It IS appalling to me.

"Matthew McLaughlin, Director of the Pennsylvania Chapter of Friends of Animals, stated, “It’s appalling that sharpshooters will be allowed into the park in the name of respecting scenery and monuments.”" You know you would convince more people of your position if you were more respectful with your comments. There are caring, thinking people on both sides of this argument. You know "respecting scenery and monuments" is a very demeaning description of the intent of the folks who support the parks culling. Snarky usually does nothing but degrade or shut the dialogue down.

Matt is a volunteer -- doing hours of this advocacy each week on behalf of a nonprofit group and ultimately on behalf of deer who can't send or speak their thanks; out of kindness, Ginger, for no pay. Matt is as respectful, and worthy of respect, as a human being can be. And Matt, in my opinion, is right. The cold, bureaucratic plan to lure these beings with attractive food and shoot them up, leaving only a handful of their former community to carry on, is appalling, yes: We are appalled. And frankly, Ginger, it seems to me that something is missing from the soul of anyone who would not be appalled by such a scene. That does not signify a lack of respect; Ginger, rather, it is the expression of a fervent hope that human people can be better than the ill-conceived plans we are capable of creating, and can come up with a better paradigm for our relationship to the ecologies of public lands than the sheer force of human domination.


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