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Demonstration at Valley Forge November 7

November 07, 2010 | Deer

We look forward to having you join us in protesting the Park officials' latest threat to kill the deer this month. Today (Sunday), 2-4 pm. Meet at the bicycle rental area. For d irections to Valley Forge National Historical Park, click here.

The protest will be followed by dinner and discussion at a local restaurant for all who wish to come.

Some photos from the demo are now available; click here.


Killing deer is an ever-widening plague of violence. Yet another signed death warrant is imminent allowing deer assassins to gun down deer at Rock Creek Park, Anerica's oldest urban national park located in Washington, DC. Former National Park Service wildlife biologist John Hadidian, one very familiar with the park, has spoken out in opposition to their lethal plan. What would he say about Valley Forge National Historic Park's lethal plan to nearly obliterate the deer there?

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