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November 22, 2010 | Deer

Friends of Animals and CARE just now filed a motion for an injunction with the Court of Appeals to stop the deer kill at Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Judge Goldberg (of the District Court, in Philadelphia) did not rule on our motion of Friday 12 November, so we have taken this directly to the Third Circuit.

UPDATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON: This just in. Today, Judge Goldberg ruled on our request for an injunction, but it was DENIED so the situation is not much changed by this. The Plaintiff groups are, as stated above, at the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Thanks to all who have sent words of support to us in the past days and most of all thanks to you who have presented declarations on behalf of the advocacy groups or come out to Friends of Animals demonstrations at Valley Forge (or both)!

- Lee Hall,
Legal Director for Friends of Animals


YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! How do you think "Nature" would handle these deer? It would cull them by some means; so having men hunt them is doing the same thing that nature would do.

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