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Help Protect Canada's Polar Bears

March 04, 2010 | Bears
polar bear

Canada's polar bears are already threatened in numerous ways, and now Canada plans to oppose the motion to protect them at the CITES summit beginning March 13th in Qatar. Action is needed!

Please review our Media Release and Action Alert for more background information, send our action postcard, and please feel free to post your comments below.

Next, select the appropriate ACTION ITEM if you're a Canadian or Non-Canadian:

* Canadian Action Request
* International Action Request

Thank you for taking a stand today for polar bears.


Already global warming is ruining their habitat. This itself is a crisis for the Earth. Knowing we are going beyond that and putting there lives at risk. Ignoring the situation, or/and adding to the problem. Who are we...?! We are human beings. We have the power of knowledge. What is our world without knowledge? It becomes a land that we would not want to know. Nature is in us, part of us. Let's do right by these animals.

We need to help these animals now before it is too late. Already their lives are in danger. If we can hold on to a habitat for them let's do it!!


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