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Boycott travel to Alaska in Summer 2010

March 06, 2010 | Wolves

Press for other groups and individuals to join.

Area around Denali opened to wolf hunters
TRAPPERS: Game board votes to erase park's protective zone.

The Anchorage Daily News


Published: 6 March 2010

The Alaska Board of Game on Friday approved opening the northeast periphery of the Denali National Park and Preserve for wolf trapping.

The 4-3 vote, over vigorous opposition of those who wanted the wolves protected, eliminates the current "buffer zone" outside of park lands in which wolf trapping was prohibited.

The decision swings in the opposite direction of what park authorities had asked for. The federal authorities had recommended expanding the buffer zone to protect the wolves that wander outside the park's boundaries. Those particular wolves are the ones typically seen by busloads of tourists who visit the park every summer.

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It's time to avoid vacation travel to Alaska--and any products produced in Alaska. Maybe loss of income will get Alaskans' attention and to what their state govenment is allowing. SAVE THE WOLVES!!!

Stop the wolf slaughter!

How do 3-4 trappers have such 'pull or clout' to have the vote in their favor? What do the trappers do with the wolves that they trap? Do they catch them in cages, or in ground traps that 'snap' their legs off? If they are caught alive, do they sell them to a zoo? If they 'murder' them, so they eat the meat and sell the fur? Who would buy wolf fur now...with the animal rights movement? Would the trappers like others putting 'traps' around their homes, for their 'mates and offspring'? Are the trappers too old to do anything else but trap, mame and kill defenseless animals? I am sure that the trappers must have lived much of their lives in the beautiful, open spaces of this area, and could provide wonderful insite into the beauty, wonder and majesty of the country and wildlife. They could provide a one or two day 'guided trips', for many who would love to have a better understanding of the 'nature and beauty' this Great Country we call home. I, for one, would love to be on one of these trips, with camera and video in hand. I am sure the trappers have many experiences and adventures that they could relate and share with others willing and eager to listen and learn. If so..Count Me IN! Mary K. Case

Write Gov. Sean Parnell to say you'll boycott Summer 2010 travel to Alaska as long as the state values dead wolves over live ones, and Denali National Park's buffer zone is eliminated - an action by his Board of Game. Postal mailing address for letters + postcards Gov. Sean Parnell P. O. Box 110001 Juneau, AK 99811-0001 Thanks for helping to generate 100,000 Tourism Boycott messages to Gov. Parnell whose regime is responsible for the ghastly predator-control programs, and hateful, primitive actions toward wolves and bears. Priscilla Feral President Friends of Animals

Typical American attitude. Kill for the Thrill of killing.

It looks like it's time to get a new Alaskan governor and Board of Game. They are NOT doing what the huge majority of Alaskans want--and they're giving Alaska a very negative image! Save the wolves, not a few bloodthirsty hunters!!!

Very sad decision. Of all places where one would think to find a state government more interested in protecting than destroying. I guess Alaska is not the place.

Has anybody considered a petition,boycott of goods or sanctions against those responsible keep up the good work

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