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Boycott Alaska Until The State Stops Targeting Wolves

March 08, 2010 | Alaska Boycott / Wolves

Friends of Animals Declares a Boycott of Travel to Alaska in the 2010 Tourist Season, calling groups and individuals to join.


The area around Denali National Park has just been opened to wolf hunters and trappers. Last Friday (5 March 2010), the state's Board of Game voted to erase the park's protective zone, as reported in the Anchorage Daily News, and approved opening the northeast periphery of the Denali National Park and Preserve for wolf trapping.

The 4-3 vote, over vigorous opposition of those who wanted the wolves protected, eliminates the current buffer zone that forbids trapping.

"The state's decision is obnoxious," said Friends of Animals' president Priscilla Feral. "And it contradicts what the park authorities had asked for. Federal officials had recommended expanding the buffer zone to protect wolves naturally wandering outside the park's boundaries."

Feral added, "As long as Alaska officials thumb their noses at common sense and decency, the public should stop supporting the state. We understand this is not easy for businesses, but we need their public declaration in support of the wolves and their advocates! It's the government that's condoning the killing of the very animals tourists go up to see."

Friends of Animals, a group opposed to all hunting and trapping of wolves, pressed to reinstate a 600 sq.-mile east and northeast boundary buffer similar to that established in November 1992. Instead, not only has that area shrunk, but the current Board of Game went so far as to try to control federal lands proposing wolf control inside Denali National Park.

"Don't support Alaska," Feral said. "Alaska's state officials have shown a disgraceful lack of respect for nature and the ecosystem as well as the wolves themselves. Governor Sean Parnell needs to step in and control the humans who are paid by the state."

Please tell Gov. Parnell you're boycotting travel to Alaska because of the state's wolf persecution.


Gov. Sean Parnell
P. O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Telephone: (907) 465-3500

Example message (suitable for 28 cent post cards, letters and e-mail):

Dear Gov. Parnell: I have joined Friends of Animals' travel boycott; please step in now to stop Alaska from controlling wolves through any and all state permits or proposals -- and that includes stripping the buffer zone around Denali National Park.


We have no right to threaten the continued existence of any animal. We are playing "Bad-Gods" and jeopardizing the future with actions like this. We have to protect, not reinvent, moral standards in order to keep the world together.

I think that there should not be anyone trying to hurt these magnificent critters. The wolves will be able to strive in the environment longer if we quit trapping them. And in the future, if somebody stopped this act of limited cruelty, then the wolves might not be able to completely adapt back into their home. They might have forgotten what it's like to roam free and feed and be themselves. We wouldn't like it if they did it to us so why treat them any different? They are animals, just like us, and they have feelings too. Just because they can't walk on two legs and change what they don't want doesn't make people any better. A lot of people act as though they deserve to be beneath the environment. People share a world with all kinds of beautiful organisms and they should respect that and learn not to take advantage of or decline the chance of happiness throughout unique ecosystems.

We are not to worried about your boycott. I am confident that it will only keep people such as yourself from meddling in Alaska's affairs. I live here and have seen wolves take down moose and caribou in the deep snow. There is nothing more appalling or ferocious than watch that event as it takes place. I don't see any of you out here spaying or neutering the wolves to limit their reproduction. [ Blog editors' note: Your comment has been repeated many times before by Alaskans who want federal hand-outs, money from tourists, and your Draconian treatment of animals. As for limiting reproduction, please do cap yours. Do that now, hang your gun on the wall, and dare to change your mind about a number of things that will result in a boon to the earth. ]

Dear Non concerned Alaskan, Wolves taking down moose and caribou is called the food chain; this is nature. Educate yourself. Trapping is not nature - it is cruel. If you are so interested in sterilizing the wolves, why don't you take your passion and use it to promote humane ways of sterilization, rather than condoning cruelty to animals? Just a thought!

What a pile of crap!!!! Wolves were here long before we were and they should be here long after we are gone. We are the ones encroaching on their territory and if they should happen to wander out of the park it is still their land. Who are you to deny them their basic right to freedom. I wish that they could trap humans as easily as it is for humans to trap them. Maybe then we could understand what they go through. The only reason that I would ever go to Alaska would be to hear the wolves howl and sing their song.

As an Alaskan resident, I wanted your supporters to know that in addition to the Governor, there are more ways to get the message out that wildlife viewing & conservation makes economic sense. (especially in the Denali area) Unfortunately, the state does not prioritize tourists. I would like to suggest contacting those who are affected directly by your tourist dollars. Two big tour companies are: and In addition: the State of Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation should hear of tourists interest in wolves: (907)465-4190. Thanks.

Please stop the slaughter of the wolves. There is no need to try to eradicate them. God, and Mother Nature can take care of the enviroment themselves.

Humans shouldn't be attacking wolves unless there is a serious problem concerning them.

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