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Boycott Alaska

March 10, 2010 | Alaska Boycott / Wolves
Boycott Alaska

Please sign this petition:

Dear Gov. Parnell: I have joined Friends of Animals' travel boycott; please step in now to stop Alaska from controlling wolves through any and all state permits or proposals - and that includes stripping the buffer zone around Denali National Park.

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Thank you.


I and my family will not be visiting Alaska nor buying any products from Alaska as long as a war against wildlife is waged. A National Geographic Documentary,"Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone" clearly showed the importance to the environment and other species wolves play. ♥ Nan

Game Board wolf vote questioned BUFFER ZONE: Critics say newest member would benefit. Anchorage Daily News By MEGAN HOLLAND Published: 03/11/10 Critics of a controversial Board of Game decision are challenging a key vote that eliminated a wolf protective buffer zone outside Denali National Park and Preserve. They want the tie-breaking vote of the board's newest member tossed because he sells wolf traps and owns a tannery business. Wolf-protection advocate Rick Steiner has asked Alaska government officials to invalidate the vote of Al Barrette, a longtime Fairbanks tanner and taxidermist. "He has had direct financial relationships with wolf trappers and hunters and stands to gain financially by removal of the very small existing buffer," Steiner said. Steiner submitted his challenge to Gov. Sean Parnell, attorney general Dan Sullivan and Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd. Read the full story online.

My students have also agreed to join the boycott, and here are 170 of them. Alaskans need to get control of their priorities.

Updates: On March 17, 2010, State helicopter gunners killed the Webber Creek wolf group in the Fortymile area -- a group of four wolves including 2 radio collared wolves from Yukon Charlie Preserve, saying it was an accident, yet the State of Alaska used radio frequencies provided by the National Park Service to locate the wolves to target. Professor and biologist Rick Steiner in Anchorage says, "The State of Alaksa is at war with the federal government and wolves are the weapon of choice." On March 18th, the State announced that helicopter gunning of wolves was suspended...due to the disappearance of snow for tracking, but that's nonsense. The public uproar prompted the suspension. Today, March 19th, a reporter from the Anchorage Daily News called to ask Friends of Animals' reaction to the State's new accouncement they're spending $100,000 to better convince residents of the need for predator control. Our response? Hilarious. Alaska mujst have a lot of money to throw away -- after creating a Board of Game and bureaucracy that's totally undemocratic and wedded to hunter and trapper's interests. Alaska has never had such extreme Draconian policies toward animals -- treating wolves and bears like snow removal. Priscilla Feral President Friends of Animals

Well I would like to say that I want this WOLF MANAGEMENT to END forever!!!..Because its wrong it's sick and it down right disgusts me that HUMANS can act so HEARTLESS and STUPID and also just BARBARIC!!...I wish this message would end up on the news so everybody who watches the news will see these words. Wolves don't need management let them live. Quit killing off every one that is spotted from the air...its stupid they're punishing other wolves for something they didn't do....KNOCK IT OFF. I AM ASHAMED TO BE HUMAN...BECAUSE IM REPRESENTING A BARBARIC SAVAGE SPECIES...PUT THIS MESSAGE ON THE NEWS PLEASE ANY STATION JUST TO SHOW PPL HOW DISGUSTED WE ARE AT THESE SO CALLED SCAREDY CAT HUNTERS IN THEIR HELICOPTERS...DUMB PPL..IT'S NOT HUNTING IT'S MURDER!!!!!!!!!! THANKS I HOPE U SHARE THIS WITH THE MEDIA OR SOMETHING JUST TO GET IT OUT THERE....PLEASE STOP THE AERIAL SLAUGHTER OF WOLVES......PLEASE

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