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Judge Orders Protections Reinstated for Gray Wolf

August 06, 2010 | Wolves

A federal judge on Thursday criticized the removal of the gray wolf's protection in Idaho and Montana as political (Matt Volz, AP, 5 Aug) and reinstated Endangered Species Act coverage.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy said the entire Rocky Mountain wolf population either must be listed as an endangered species or removed from the listing, but the protections for the same population can't vary depending on the state in which various individuals from an estimated population of 1,700 wolves happen to be found roaming.

The federal government in April 2009 turned over wolf management to Montana and Idaho officials but continued federal protection of wolves in Wyoming, where state law is considered hostile to the animals' survival.

Wolf hunts will now be illegal in Montana and Idaho -- sparing 186 wolves from Montana's autumn wolf-hunt quota.

We welcome and applaud the judge's decision.


This is great news. I send money each month to protect wild wolves. Now we must target Alaska and the atrocity there.

after 14 years of living on this is all i have to say, wolves have been around alot longer than us, so what right to we have to kick them because they arent as obssesed with controlling and destroying the earth as us. the wolf is a beautiful peditor that thats lived on this earth in harmony for centurie,s i would give anything to see the raw beauty of a pack of wolves stalking and haunting yet still being a part of nature, just thinking about it makes me feel warm inside because nature is beautiful and is in all our hearts, so leave nature alone,you really want to hert the wolves, try talking nature on with bulldozers and guns, nature is beautiful

I think it is inhumane. Leave them alone. I understand being on property and cattle and all of that. I live on a 150 acre land in Texas,we have all kinds of wolves if you keep an eye on your property, ie. cattle or fire a shot (not at them ) then it should make it easier. They are wild animal god put on this earth for a reason leave them alone.I totally disagree and I am going to try help and fight this. Whoever disagrees its my opinion and if freedom of speech is what you can't handle stop reading this and leave them alone!

I am very happy with this finally.We should leave them alone such a beautiful land even the Indians respected FOR A REASON!!! Sponsor one if you can to help save and protect them.May god protect them and punish anyone who brings one of his creatures harm AMEN!!!

I am very happy with this decision, even though the judge seemed to take his sweet time making it. While we waited for his decision, he was asked by many citizens and groups to postpone the planned hunts with an emergency injunction while he was 'forming' his decision which took over 10 months. In the mean time, the so called "wild life agencies' issued literally TENS OF THOUSANDS (over 40,000) of hunting permits in IDAHO alone to kill around 300 wolves. Talk about bat shit crazy. But to no avail, he denied the injunction and the states of Idaho and Montana loaded their guns and emptied their conscious and over 500 innocent wolves lost their lives. They were tracked down, baited, lured and whole families butchered in some of the most remote rugged areas of wilderness. These animals, OUR wildlife, were minding their business, just trying to survive in a tough environment, just like most of us, and they were savagely cut down by trigger happy, blood thirsty, thrill seeking killers. The wolves never knew what was coming or why. I'm sure they took some good pictures and had lots of laughs and even got a carcass to stuff for their living room. Big tough guys with guns.

Great News! Human animals are NOT superior to non human animals. Animals deserve to be treated with respect, i.e. not used for any type of consumption...

I honestly don't believe animals should get the same rights that my ancestors died to bring me, because without my care my horses goats and chickens would not know how to fend for themselves. FoA comments: While no one here is asking for animals to have the same rights as you, it's important to point out, that your horse, goats and chickens are only here because of you and the domestication and domination of animals by humans. The one right animals need, and humans can recognize, is not to be exploited by humans.


Glad to hear it!

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