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Legislature rejects game board pick after wolf-skinning video surfaces

April 09, 2010 | Wolves / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Alaska Boycott

[Legal question pressed by Friends of Animals: Will this rejection of the fur tanner, trap-seller, etc. invalidate the Board of Game's vote and thus Proposal 63 to eliminate the buffer zone for wolves around Denali National Park?]

KTUU Television Breaking News

by Jeremy Hsieh
The Associated Press

JUNEAU, Alaska -- The Legislature has rejected the appointment of Al Barrette to the Board of Game.

The appointment came into question after the 44-year-old Fairbanks man was seen in an Internet video skinning a wolf and citing the Bible to explain man's dominion over animals.

Gov. Sean Parnell in February appointed Barrette to the seven-member board that regulates Alaska's vast wildlife resources.

Critics said Barrette's decisions consistently favor one group -- hunters -- regardless of scientific data and public sentiment.


Stop. The Wolf Skinning. These Wolfs do have rights.

I am grateful and relieved this Al Barette got rejected from this office. What is so arrogant, is to quote the Bible as justification for the slaughter of these beautiful icons of America, because "God" says it ok - BS! That falls right in there for those who claim to know the will of God, and far worse, those who are not only willing but do kill in the name of God. Barette you are an arrogant jerk and dare to call yourself Christian?... From a logical point of view, most religions acknowledge a superior entity "God" (with other names for other groups) as the Creator of the physical world as we know it. It would not follow logic for the "creator" to create life and those mechanisms to sustain life to "command us" to kill life. The bible is subjective literature written largely by men, of the time, with a lot of arrogance to allow and justify "mankind" this sense of superiority over everything around us. Power mongers over and life and death, and it is crap because of how destrutive humanity has proven to be to the environment, to animal life, the oceans, and sealife. Look at the state of affairs of the world overall - how willing humans are to kill each other to include the innocent and defenseless ..and animal life. .. Ghandi once said (not a direct quoate) that a society's level of civilization is demonstrated by how that society treats animal life in that society. Barette is another fine example why we are flunking this test so bad and at such a huge price in the end - the souls of our humanity.

It always annoys me to listen to these freaks use the bible to express and think they can have an excuse for their behaviour. It happens all the time. Its NOT ok to do what the hell you like then think its OK because you BELIEVE!!! I believe in God but am not a Bible banger like this peice of dirt. Thank GOD that this guy got ousted. Those that assume that they are in some way superior to animals just shows their own stupidity and ignorance to REALITY. Hope he enjoys his coffee with palin while sitting on a bear skin......and remember that what goes around comes around.

It seems that all Wildlife "Management" organizations are always comprised of the hunter..."sportsman" types. People who do not give a hoot about the welfare of animals. These people are there for one reason and that is to keep hunting legal. Also, their so called Game Boards and "management" of living beings that humans have no business to control or manage to begin with. Who are we to decide the fate of another species? If we controlled our own population as much as we controlled animals maybe this planet wouldn't be in such a state of dissaster.

I'm an atheist, I'm directed in life by my own inner compass. I detest people who behave beyond disgraceful in the name of something else, in this case an outdated, and overrated storybook. What a weak coward and serious mental case, that should be behind bars by now, for he sounds to me like a danger to the community at large. Btw, a seven member board chosen by whom? Quite a responsibility, they better make sure they have the right selection criteria in place for prospective members. And make sure there are performance reviews on a regular basis! At least!

So SO wonderful this man has been rejected. Yes, the Bible says that man has dominion over animals...BUT God VERY SPECIFICALLY said for man to treat all animals with respect, and to take care of them. There are too many people in this world the likes of Al Barrette, and Sarah Palin! And we should do our utmost to keep them out of any office where they have any kind of say regarding our fellow animals.

I am so grateful they rejected Al Barette! As stated above, having "dominion" over the animals does NOT mean abuse or cruelty!!In fact, just the opposite....we are to be the CARETAKERS of all that was given to us, NOT the destroyers!

I am not very religious but a number of years ago I read that the original language in the Bible stated that man "Stewardship" over animals, NOT Dominion. Stewardship denotes a very different relationship between humans and animals than Dominion. Sorry I didn't record that information as I do believe that the article states exactly which translation it was that changed the word. There have, as you all may know, been many translations of the Bible.

Dominion over animals to me means we are RESPONSIBLE for their well being, just as we have DOMINION OVER CHILDREN. They are not here for us to terrorize and abuse them. Instead they are here for us to teach them about life as they grow up, how to take care of themselves, and what to do in life that is right and decent. Anyone who is on a game type commission must guarantee responsibility, kindness, compassion over wildlife - not inflict harm and torture.

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