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Wolves under fire; Idaho hunter called 'wolf murderer'

September 04, 2009 | Wolves

From Green Right Now Reports

At least three of Idaho's wolves have been killed as hunting commenced this week under the first authorized sport wolf hunt in the lower 48 states.

But while the hunt has attracted sportspeople, it has repelled others. A Lewiston-area man who killed the first wolf on opening day told the local media that he has received numerous calls of protest.

Robert Millage, a real estate agent, says he's been called a "wolf murderer, a fat redneck and other names" in some 50 phone calls and hundreds of e-mails, according to the Lewiston Tribune. To see a picture of the young wolf Millage killed, or rather the skin of that two-year-old wolf, see the story on Lewiston's KLEW-TV.

Idaho's wolf season began on Tuesday, putting up to 220 (the maximum allowed kill) of the state's estimated 1,000 wolves in jeopardy.

This hunting season follow nearly two decades of wolf restoration in the region. The Rocky Mountain Wolf population was restored in the US in the mid-1990s with the introduction of gray wolves from Canada to try to replace US wolves, which were annihilated over decades of hunting and defensive shooting by ranchers. The restoration seeded the predators in the Yellowstone National Park area and allowed them to grow while under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

When their numbers reached what the US government said was a sustainable level - there are about 1,500 to 1,600 wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming - the wolves were "delisted" from the ESA, allowing the states to take over their management.

But many environmentalists say that the Idaho wolves - as well as a smaller population of several hundred in Montana, where the hunt begins Sept. 15 - have not reached levels that can be maintained.

"The heavy-handed wolf hunt beginning today in Idaho, together with the hunt planned to begin September 15th in Montana, puts the recovery of the Northern Rockies population of wolves at risk and demonstrates precisely the kind of irresponsible state management that should have precluded taking the wolf off the endangered species list at this point in time," said Rodger Schlickeisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Added Suzanne Stone, a wolf expert for Defenders: "Today's hunt undermines decades of tremendous support, time and investment from the American public, federal, tribal and state wildlife agencies, and threatens one of the most successful wildlife restorations in history."

Defenders, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthjustice and other groups have petitioned a federal court in Montana to stop the state hunts and reinstate federal protection for the wolves.

Friends of Animals, meanwhile, has urged those opposed to the wolf hunts to fight back - with a boycott of Idaho potatoes.

"As long as Idaho is in the business of killing wolves, the nature-respecting public should stop buying potatoes there," said FOA president Priscilla Feral, explaining that consumers could look for potatoes grown in Maine, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and other states.

This federal government has been taking steps for the past several years to remove the wolves from protection and has been stopped at least twice by court injunctions when environmentalists intervened. Those groups have argued that the wolf population should be at least 2,000, if not more, to be sustainable.

Wyoming, the only other US state where the wolves live in the wild, has not been allowed to institute a federal hunt. The US Fish and Wildlife Service was worried that Wyoming's preliminary hunting plan was malicious.


lets just ship all these wolves to the east coast [Blog editors' note: What an original comment. How about you move instead? A boon to civilization.]

After posting Jeremy Jonston's comment above, Jeremy continued to write and complain that the comments sent hadn't appeared. Jeremy's comment appears in total. Other complaints about free speech demands are redundant -- ridiculous as FoA isn't the government; we owe wolf-haters nothing, yet some of their comments appear -- ones not threatening. Occasionally one finds a hostile comment amusing or particularly inane and it might be selected. Moreover, FoA's generosity is far more than what's granted to those who dissent with the views of dangerous nutters on NRA-related blogs. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

There is nothing wrong with the wolf hunt no species has ever been endangered or gone extinct from regulated hunting and that's what the wolf hunt is. All of you animal rights activists and groups don't use sound science all you use is your emotions. Plus i have seen quite a few posts on many different sites including this one about the how people believe the animals should be allowed to kill any farm animal they want cause its humans fault anyways. So I assume since right now that's out west away from you and your families its ok because i don't see any A.R. group pushing to restore the mountain lion, bobcat, black bear and others back into their historic ranges out here in the midwest and on the east coast. Plus i have never seen any other group like the A.R. group who so strongly believes that humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet and that we need to control our populations but yet you do nothing about your perceived problems within your own ranks first but yet expect the rest of society to just bow down and accept what you say. I have even seen many comments about how humans should be sterilized to control our populations but yet i see no A.R. activists lining up to get themselves sterilized first. so does that mean that your right to reproduce is greater than mine? I would really like an answer but since this post probably wont be allowed to be posted i will probably never get my answer. [Blog editors' note: When people have vasectomies it's unlikely they're going to send you a notice about it. It's also unlikely wolf advocates want you to bow to Lord Ganesh or anyone else. This country and the world is full of violence. No one who finds "an adrenaline rush" as Idaho's first wolf hunter explained in reacting to the wolf he killed has a solution to anything. That hunter is sadistic, and his apologists really do need answers, but those answers won't be found through acts of violence.]

It's a pity many Idahoans think their wildlife is expendable. I for one will boycott Idaho potatoes and Idaho itself. The sick bastards who run the Fish and Game over there consider their job's primary duty is to facilitate hunting and hunters' needs. The mentality there is that wolves are "critters" which basically is one step up from vermin. In listening to one of their officials talk in a radio interview yesterday I began to wonder what the original purpose of the Fish and Wildlife Service in fact was. Certainly it has evolved into something it was not intended to be. Now that the carnage has begun the he-men and she-men hunters will get their rocks off by killing 75%-90% of the wolves in a very short time, wolves that people that care about endangered species took infinite pains to return to their niche in the wild. Anyone with a gun who sees a wolf will attempt to kill it. That's the mentality of people with low intellect and zero sensitivity to nature's balance. Humans will, can and do screw everything up, and Idaho Fish and Game and the hunting citizenry there are good examples of how environmental ruin and despair takes shape and perpetuates itself without the intervention of more highly evolved human beings.

this is not good for our ecology to make any species disappear. wolves have a critical position in our ecosystem. people should think about it because there are relationships between two species.without one , it's not possible for other species to breath in whole environment.

I myself is against animal killing they have a major role in our ecosystem. They are created with purpose. Who are we to prosecute them? Is idaho a place of killers, no heart, no Christ in them? I guess YES.

Animal killings in general is not the solution to minimize the number of a certain species and one of them are wolves. Each one of us are created with purpose and responsibility to balance our ecosystem. There's a lot of species that populate the earth that are now extinct, and we only see them in books and museums. We are the caretaker of God's creation and we are liable for every decisions we make. I hope that the government of every country will do something about this useless killings.

I am an avid hunter, and also believe that wolves do have a place here. I don't beleive that humans have screwed everthing up. I also believe that elk, deer, and other animals have a place here. Without a plan to control wolf populations these othere "native wild" animals will soon be endangered. I also take offense to being called a person of low intelect because I hunt. Humans have been hunters since the begining of time. I don't hunt to take an animals life because it is fun. I hunt to put food on the table for my family. Not all hunters are bad. You just remember the stories of the ones that are. [Each time you asert your so-called right to shoot a wolf in the interest of shooting more elk, you're dead wrong. I don't know if that makes you unintelligent but it makes you objectionable to those who respect the lives of elk, wolves, deer and more. Their place in nature is not to be your target, and Idaho has 115,000 or more elk vs. 850 or so wolves, so elk are not "endangered by wolves." Elk are targets of many tens of thousands of human hunters. That's a crime. ]

We may have been hunters before the civilization came in but that was for food for the family. What Otter doing right now isn't for hungry stomachs but for fun and killing for nothing. I don't know how the parents of this otter brought him up to be a blo0d thirsty animal ( coz ur a worst type). Or he is just a plain good for n0thing man that abuses his power to be a beast. If there's a reincarnati0n i just wish that he will become a cockroach. " taga mo sa bato". I believe in karma.

It's time to knock Otter off this throne. He is a tyrant and we need to revolt and overthrow him. We wolf advocates need to start a revolution.


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