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As Hunting Season Begins in Connecticut, So Do the Lies and Misinformation

September 29, 2009 | Hunting & Wildlife Management / Press Releases / Deer

Contact: Priscilla Feral
Phone: (203) 656-1522

Darien,CT--"Each year, apologists for hunting are pressed to justify their violent, unethical deer-killing schemes bolstered by state wildlife agencies which profit from hunting," says Friends of Animal's president, Priscilla Feral.

In a press release issued by the pro-hunting group Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance, traffic accidents, Lyme disease and environmental destruction are solely blamed on deer. The group even called for Fairfield County residents to sanction deer killings on their private property, to "do their part" to eradicate deer. As though deer must disappear to ensure public safety.

Hunting is on the decline, and has been for years; fewer than 1% of Connecticut's residents hunt.

It's no longer acceptable to call hunting recreation. Hunters invent social benefits to excuse their killings: "protecting" deer from "over-population" or people from disease, or feeding the hungry. They are "protecting" wildflowers from "over-browsing" and heading off collisions.

"What's missing," Feral says, "is respect for conscious life - - and for the truth."

Feral observes that humans-the only species on earth whose population is truly out of control-often fail to acknowledge how our reckless overdevelopment and penchant to overpopulate directly impacts our perceived problems with deer and other free-living animals.

Hunting changes the way deer naturally evolve and can cause deer populations to increase. Nature itself ensures that the deer population is limited by available food, territory, and winter weather conditions, which restrict both food and range. Numerous studies over the years have shown that both the reproductive rate and the survival rate of deer will then decrease-creating a natural balance.

Neither do deer cause Lyme disease; black-legged ticks carry the disease when immature, on smaller host animals than deer. Vigilant checks for ticks on the body and immediate removal, especially in the summer and early autumn weeks, are key for controlling the spread of Lyme disease.

It's true: there are about a 1.5 million reported instances of drivers hitting deer in the United States every year. "So, clearly there is a problem, yet the quickest way to reduce deer/auto collisions is to get the hunters out of the woods," Feral says. A 2002 study by Friends of Animals found that hunting actually exacerbates roadway deaths of deer because it can frighten deer into darting out to roadways. About half of all these collisions occur in just three months: October, November, and December -- hunting season.

Howard Kilpatrick, a biologist with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in Connecticut, celebrates the fact that more land has been opened up to hunting-telling the Stamford Advocate "that's what we need to manage deer populations." But what Kilpatrick doesn't mention is his own professional bias: The DEP is a pro-hunting agency that is funded, in part, by the sale of hunting licenses and a federal excise tax on guns and ammunition. This fact alone ensures only one thing: corrupt, one-sided "science."

Nature is being managed to death; it's time for communities to call for ceasefires. Deer simply need us to let them be.


Why can't we let the deer be. The reason there seems to be "too many deer" is that we keep taking away their habitat for our own "development" purposes. Our insatiable appetite for land is fueled by our own exploding population. Why don't we address that first. We share the planet with other living creatures. If we eliminate all of them, we too shall perish.

Hello, I am deeply concerned by the deer culls that take place in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and other states. I have been working with a local group for the past 4-5 yrs. to stop the annual culling that takes place in Fairmount Park each year. The group has disbanded now, but I am trying to find folks who may be interested in starting up another group to work on this problem. I tried to get on the board of the Fairmount Park Commission this year, but was not accepted. Please e-mail me if you have any interest in helping prevent the deer cull from happening this year. Peace, Mary Ann

There was a culling in one of the Metro Detroit suburbs last year. I spite of protests, lawsuits, and a local business willing to donate $20,000.00 for signage and other deer deterents-the hunt still happened-in a local park. Once again, that community (Rochester/Rochester Hills), is on the news, claiming the highest deer/auto crashes in Michigan. It is a sad commentary on our society that we see killing as the only solution.

The human race needs to learn to manage itself and leave the wilderness alone.

Priscilla Feral always says it right. "Feral observes that humans—the only species on earth whose population is truly out of control". It is high time we address the issue of human over population.If we continue as we are, studies show we cannot survive on this planet. Between pollution, factory farming, strip mining, foresting, the earth cannot survive. If only we could "thin the human herd" ...

On thinning the human herd...I can't understand why it's against a person's constitutional rights to insist that they be on mandatory birth control for women who are on social services and keep bringing more children into the world that they can't afford, and ultimately become the State's problem. Birth control for humans...more humane than not knowing a real family life or living in poverty. And why not birth control for deer instead of violence? [Blog editors' comment: Birth control isn't needed to control deer, coyotes, wolves, bears or other free-living animals. Much as I wish humans would use birth control and reduce our population growth, there's no legal mandate.]

Estella, I can't help but feel that there is some stereotyping behind your comment - that you are blaming 'women who are on social services' for out of control population expansion. It chills me that you would suggest mandatory birth control for these women. Mandatory birth control and sterilization has been in the past, and continues to be, a violent intervention used against aboriginal women, women of color, people with mental disabilities and those who are considered 'troublesome'. I don't think it's the solution for women who live in poverty; education, access to contraception, and empowerment are much more suitable forms of intervention. Perhaps like China, countries like the United States and Canada should consider a limit to the amount of children each person is allowed to raise, and penalties for exceeding the nationally-mandated family size. Such would be a more fair solution. But please don't blame the 'welfare moms' for our problems - an oppressed minority whose impact is probably not as great as those rich people who pay tens of thousands of dollars for 'fertility treatments' and end up giving birth to sextuplets - and then get paid to have reality shows made about their lives. Kind of off-topic but since the subject was raised, I felt the need to reply - as after all what we are after is justice for humans and animals alike. Thanks Priscilla for well-thought out and researched arguments against hunting. I will help spread the word about this press release.

a close relative of mine bought 18 acres of land and decided that he wanted to hunt deer on it to feed his family healthier. I have never liked hunters and I am heart sick over this. Deer are one of the most beautiful of God's creation they don't hurt anyone why can't people get out there and feed them leave food for them in the winter so they won't starve people are so selfish. Iam heart sick over this and have been for days. [Blog editors' comment: The excuse about wanting to feed one's family healthier is bunk,um of course. Healthy food comes from plants, vegetables and grains, not tormenting deer and pretending it's about food. When the hunter poses for a photo of the dead animal, and then sends the deer's head to a taxidermist, their motivation couldn't be more clear. If you can separate this relative from their weapon, I'll send them a free copy of The Best of Vegan Cooking. ]

It’s ironic to read about letting the deer population grow unfettered and control the human population. How many of the bloggers who propose limiting human encroachment have children or live in a private residence and not a commune? The deer population in the Westchester suburbs has exploded because of conservation. We have enabled the deer to propagate uncontrollably by limiting hunting, removing their natural predators and providing plenty of food in the way of shrubbery. Friends of animals and others like them do no favors ... [Blog editor's note: Spare us your hunters' rhetoric about exploding deer numbers. Hunters can shoot all the deer, and more will move in, so control yourselves, fence properties, if desired, and stop putting the onus on deer for human development and your intolerance of natural systems. You're making excuses for Nimrods who find pleasure in shooting animals to death. You're not a needed predator; you're a menace.]

After reading the above article I would strongly agree with the human population part. Here is the issue. Nature tends to use the whole survival of the fittest as a determining factor of who survives and who dies. Now with that out there, look around you the next time you go out of your home to the grocery store. Watch carfully and you'll see it. Idiots out and about, walking among us. I'm not speaking of mentally challenged or impaired, just flat out Idiots. Now in a world where nature was allowed to take it's course these people would NOT have made it as far as they have. Yet there they are, and they spend 98% of their time analyzing others. As they pack their grocery cart with hormone injected beef and chicken.. Some even try the BS story of just eating fish. So I guess if it's not furry and cute, it's ok to eat it? The true predators are obvious -- it's the leeching, nasty, I'm better than any hunters out there hypocrite that is at this very moment trying desperately to come up with something to insult myself with. I also find it fascinating that most of the parties against hunting cite THEMSELVES as research references. That just doesn't work for me sorry. My IQ is a bit higher than that. It would be like me saying well a study done on 10/18/2009 by me shows all vegetarians are stupid. Now we all know this is absolutely not true. I myself do not hunt, however; I do respect the tradition that has kept the human race alive (regardless of whether or not you deserve it.) FoA comments: The setting up of "straw dogs" and then knocking them down should then be beneath your intelligence. No need to add further insult and injury than what you have done to your own argument -- a true testament to not quitting while ahead.


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