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UPDATE: The Wolf-Killings Continue

October 14, 2009 | Wolves

Stop the Montana & Idaho Wolf Killings -- Sign Petition Here

Montana will not reconsider changes in this year's wolf hunt.

Montana: Changes in Wolf Hunt Are Considered

The New York Times


Wildlife officials will consider changes to the state's inaugural wolf hunt after hunters killed nine wolves in just three weeks along the border of Yellowstone National Park. More than 1,300 gray wolves were removed from the endangered species list in Idaho and Montana this spring after a costly federal restoration effort. Hunting has been promoted as a way to keep the population of the fast-breeding species in check and reduce wolf attacks on livestock. At least 48 wolves have been killed since Sept. 1 by hunters in the two states. But all but 2 of the 11 killed in Montana came from a small part of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, along the northern border of Yellowstone. Four of those wolves were from Yellowstone's Cottonwood Pack, including the group's breeding female. Concerned about the heavily concentrated killing, state wildlife commissioners suspended hunting last week in the area.


These are the ancestors or the bloodlines of our dogs today. The human species has for a long time considered dogs to be "mans best friend," yet they allow this kind of killing to go on is a disgrace. They can move them to a safer place rather than just killing them. How can we teach our children that life is sacred when we have people going out and killing "mans best friend?" There wouldn't be a problem if humans were not such pests on the land, they need to learn to live with what is around them. They only kill to eat, yet the human species kills for fun and pleasure, it's a wonder our prison system is so over crowded.

A small, but hopeful, sign of even better things to come, demonstrating that our elected officials, as well as those who buy their way into public office, are not completely lacking in intelligence, common sense, and that scarcest of all virtues, moral integrity.

If it was your livestock being killed by wolfs you wouldn't be so critical of the ranchers, their livestock is their lives and their kids life. Leave it be the do gooders have ruined the horse industry by ruling out the slauder houses and now their is more horses that people can afford to feed so they are turning them out to starve, and you think you know something about wolfs too. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Blog editors' note: Every so often we receive a comment so dumb it makes our case for us. ]

The arbitrary line between what is "us," and what is "them," must be moved to include all sentient beings. Farley Mowat moved it when he penned 'Never Cry Wolf.' When we kill animals we are murdering ourselves. Will Tuttle writes in 'The World Peace Diet' that the very meaning of the word "war" comes from "more cattle." When we slaughter animals we slaughter ourselves.

When nature comes up against "culture," nature invariably loses. Man can always find or create justification for his selfishness. However, the victory is empty, since our actions betray our ignorance, intolerance, and conceit... even if we wish to turn our heads away from truth.

To Jim Barrett: You realize that an average wolf pack only kills one livestock animal a year, and that the government reimburses the ranchers if they can prove it was a wolf kill, right? Wolves are keystone animals, meaning they are VITAL to the health of an ecosystem. When the wolves disappeared in yellowstone, the aspen forests began to die out because there were so many grazing and browsing animals (such as deer) that they fed too heavily on the new sapling growth and didn't allow new forest growth to occur. These trees are huge staples to the ecosystem. Everything was slowly falling apart until they reintroduced the wolves. Seriously, man, you need to jump off the "anti-do-gooders" bandwagon and actually get some knowledge on something before you decide to form an opinion.

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