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Turn Over A New Leaf: Vegan Diets Are Moving More Solidly Into Mainstream

October 08, 2009 | Vegetarianism &Veganism / Veganism

Hartford Courant - Hartford,CT,USA


"We're trying to overcome the crunchy-granola reputation," says Priscilla Feral, national president of Friends of Animals in Darien and author of "The Best of Vegan Cooking" (Friends of Animals Nectar Bat Press, $19.95). "Our image needs to be polished. People think that a vegan diet is a sacrifice, that it's tasteless and unappealing. It's not. They think you can't get enough protein, calcium or iron. You can."

Feral, a former chocolate recipe designer for Godiva, explores the diversity of "plant-based cuisine" and includes recipes by New York food columnist Mark Bittman, restaurateur Susan Wu and other high-profile chefs in her collection.

The book's intro includes a brief explanation of [Vegan Society founder Donald] Watson's philosophy of living in harmony with the planet, but the overriding message is one of healthful eating and fresh, well-prepared dishes.

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I started as a vegetarian about 35 years ago. It was very difficult back then. There were not so many options. I did the whole thing-no fur, no cosmetics tested on animals(I marched on Washington, and was involved in getting the LD-50 eradicated). Now, I am a full-flewdged vegan and my point is if you want somethimg badly enough, and your convictions are strong, it will happen.

ksk, I applaud you for becoming vegetarian, then vegan, at a time when it was much less convenient. Thankfully, as this article highlights, there are many people working hard to make veganism not only a lot easier, but a lot more delicious as well! If you don't own the Best of Vegan Cooking, I suggest you get it. And if you already have a copy, I hope you'll share with us your favorite recipes! Dustin

i'm not a vegan or a vegetarian but my step mom is, i have seen the choices and the things you can do, but aside from all that i cant imagine what it must be like to know that you have no cruelty in you and that you never had another living thing inside of you that you were responsible for the death of, i give you all props for being such humane people, and i hope i 'm going to be like you one day peter age 14

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