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Boycott Macy's Until They End Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

December 11, 2009 | Horse Carriages / Take Action

For information and interviews, contact Brandon Gittelman, Director of Media Relations, Friends of Animals, Pennsylvania Chapter: 917-328-9873; E-Mail

We need your help in making two quick phone calls that could end a December promotion of horse-drawn carriage rides in front of the Wanamaker Building, downtown at 1300 Market Street. Macy's refuses to take a stand against the exploitation of horses going on directly in front of its main entrance this holiday season. Please tell Macy's you won't accept their complicity in this exploitive practice.

Macy's management and the Wanamaker Building management, which houses Macy's, have been informed through repeated phone conversations that horse exploitation is not appropriately offered up to their customers as a festive holiday treat. With Friends of Animals' effort to enact legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia gaining strides, why would Macy's take a step backwards by allowing an archaic and disrespectful industry to set up at its front door?

Please make polite calls to the people who can stop this promotion. Tell them that you won't be shopping at any Macy's store until this stops, and that you'll be telling everyone you know to not only boycott Macy's, but to also join the protests Friends of Animals will organize on Sunday, the 20th of December in front of Macy's if the rides don't stop.

Jim Kenney, General Manager of Macy's, can be reached by calling 215-241-9000. Let the recorded message play for 5 seconds, then hit zero and ask the operator for Jim Kenney. You can also reach Jim by dialing 215-241-9000, dialing 1 after the message starts, and then dialing his direct extension at 2755.

Marita Osbourne, General Manager of Wanamaker Building, can be reached at 215-851-0406.

Have a few more minutes? Then help us out and support the horses in a further way. These carriages are licensed by the city, so contact Councilmember Frank DiCicco and Mayor Nutter to give them the message: C'mon, people. It's not festive to make horses cart us around.

Councilmember Frank DiCicco: 215-686-3458 or 215-686-3459 E-mail

Mayor Michael Nutter: 215-686-2181 E-mail


This is a cruel way for these animals to live, and work. Please stop.

Please stop using these animals.Respect them.Don't treat them this way.

I remember when Macy's was a humane place, NO more! Stop this cruelty to magnificent horses.

Stop ! This is cruel. Please stop.

Bad enough that Macy's has a fur vault. I haven't shopped Macy's for years. Now I will call on behalf of the horses.

The Clydesdale and similar horses were bred for this purpose. So long as the owners take care of them and not OVER work them on those nights, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't like seeing cruelty of animals, I don't consider this cruel. Now if they were using a race horse or some other lean breed like that, it would be cruel. FoA comments: Exploitation is inherently cruel. Breeding people to be slaves is just as wrong.

Ok, so you're telling me using animals for anything is wrong. Dogs for guards, police dogs, hunting dogs, therapy, search and rescue is wrong then? Exploiting their natural sense of smell and hearing to help find people. Humans "exploit" animals for various reasons everywhere, here in the united states mostly for food and as pets (yes pets because they were breed by us for us not for them, we feed and care for them but we use them for our pleasure). FoA comments: Yes, end the exploitation of all animals -- including people. Stop breeding them. And why would anyone eat one? -- animals including people.

The underlying issue with the horse-drawn carriages is that there is no right to breed these horses, or any horses, for any purpose. The horses who are forced to pull carriages today are the descendants of horses who were taken out of their natural habitats, separated from their communities, selectively bred for traits that human beings found desirable, made to perform labor that human beings thought was needed, and only received food, water, shelter, rest and interaction with other captive horses as human beings allowed. There is no justification for subordinating all of a horses most basic interests to human caprice and convenience.

are you people for real? the horse has allways been a work animal. get your head out of the sand.

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