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Friends of Animals calls for Idaho potato boycott after governor vows to participate in wolf massacre

August 24, 2009 | Wolves / Press Releases

Contact: Priscilla Feral
Phone: (203) 656-1522

Even though wolves were only taken off the Endangered Species List in Idaho in May, 2009, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is not only endorsing the proposed trophy hunt this fall, he's vowed to participate in it. He told a group of hunters, "I'm prepared to bid for the first ticket to shoot a wolf myself." The wolf hunt is an apparent effort to boost elk populations for hunters to slaughter, and will begin on September 1, 2009. The permit to kill a wolf costs $11.50-with 220 wolves set to be killed statewide.

Equally dismaying is the fact that Gov. Otter claims to "respect" wolves-making the nonsensical claim, in an interview with The Idaho Statesman, "You can still hate them and respect their cunning and their place in nature."

Friends of Animals' president, Priscilla Feral says, "Gov. Otter's enthusiasm for wolf killing not only demonstrates a complete lack of conscience and understanding of the word 'respect,' it shows a lack of respect for nature and the ecosystem; wolves don't need Gov. Otter-or anyone else-to manage them."

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of potatoes grown in Idaho-the largest producer in the United States. One-third of all potatoes are grown in Idaho. Feral adds: "As long as Idaho is in the business of killing wolves, the nature-respecting public should stop buying potatoes there." Look for potatoes grown in Maine, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and other states.


Here is the thing, Its perfectly fine wanting to change an event as the wolf hunting, but when you boycott potatoes you don't hurt those that want the hunt, you hurt the farmers that have nothing to do with it. This idea is terrible. Maybe o some research on the ranches that are calling for the hunt and take it out on them. [Blog editors' note: Economic boycotts turn the lights on and Gov. Otter's a slob who is getting away with murder. Let the potato farmers sound off and put pressure on Gov. Otter who pledges to be first in line to kill a wolf. It's elk hunters more than ranchers calling for the decimation of wolves. Who in the world here can appease them? They're antiquated menaces.]

If you want the wolves so bad take them home with you and stop pushing them on the people of Idaho.

I live in a small town where most residents hunt. Not all but some of those hunters shoot anything that moves, tags or not. Moose, bear, deer, and elk are being shot with no tags. You cannot regulate those idiots. After they get all liquored up, they even shoot those dangerous beer cans they drank , then go after those pesty road signs.

Here's what I wrote to Governor Otter (who, I feel, does not deserve such an esteemed name, and I am not referring here to the title of "Governor"): "With all due respect to you, hating wolves while respecting them is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. If you truly respect these sentient, intelligent beings, please acknowledge their right to live their lives as nature intended, free of human interference, domination, and cruelty, and put down your hunting rifle. Wolves' family ties and their caring for each other, especially their children, would put many humans to shame. "Until I hear that Idaho has outlawed this senseless slaughter of wolves, I will make sure that the potatoes I purchase for my family are not grown in Idaho." ~ Maryanne Appel

I definitely will not buy potatoes from Idaho and I will inform others in MA and NH of this ignorance. Shame on their government.

Wolves do need managing. You don't realize as the wolf population grows deer and elk population shrink. You should imagine losing 12 to 15 thousand dollars of income per year to these wolves, or imagine finding your family pet torn to shreds by wolves. I donated to the re-introduction program but I also believe in management. You don't know what its like to live here, don't think you know wat is best for our state. [Blog editors' note: Wolf-haters are a minority in both Idaho and Alaska, yet they want a stranglehold on public policy. They may have Gov. Otter in their clutches, but that doesn't make tortured thinking more relevant.]

I agree with Brian. Certainly the animals need managing. I have friends and family who have lost thousands of dollars due to the so called re-introduction of these predators and sure as hell don't need some eastern liberal telling me how to run MY state.

Hold on to your hats folks. This cause is about to explode. It has been seen by the national organizations and the word is going out. We will boycott ALL Idaho products until the wolf is saved.

Read the article in our Billings paper today , I have been thinking of a way to solve all our differences . I am suggesting to all westerners to collect all the cages and dart guns they can muster up . We will collect all your wolves that were forced on us out west , toss them in some semi trucks and bring them back to you and set them FREE . This solves everything , we will rid our wilds of these damn wolves you forced on us , and you will have all your precious little killers ( lets see how you deal with them !!! ) just remember your totally liberal statement ( they don't need management ! ) [ Blog editors' note: Wilds have predators, Jim. That's nature's reality.]

Alright so I am not a hunter nor do i really even like the concept of hunting. However, Wolves were REINTRODUCED to the area here. Up in Stanley Idaho there used to be, literally, thousands head of elk and moose. Now you are lucky to see a handful. The wolves have decimated the population. Why do you keep using the words, "Senseless slaughter?" That about all the elk and moose, whose populations are being demolished. The wolf population is out of hand! [Blog editors' note: Wolves are part of Idaho's environment and the same is true with elk and moose. It's the two-legged hunters who decimate elk and moose through shooting sprees. And, it's human behavior that needs control. Leave free-living animals alone to eke out their own livings.