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If You Shoot Wolves to Save Moose

September 22, 2008 | Wolves


Why does this happen?. I don't understand why!!

This administration has no concept of what "borrowing this earth from our children" means.

Working in animal rescue,I'm continually amazed at the selfish, callous souls of some human beings. If the Republicans win, I dread Sarah Pallin being one heartbeat away from becoming the President of this once grand nation.

I volunteer for a non-profit group and I can't believe some of the things people do to animals. It's just horrific to fly over these innocent animals, who have every right we do, to be where they are. They aren't even given a warning or a chance to escape. It makes me sick.

I wouldn't vote for Palin-McShame if you paid me. A lot. No way should she get anywhere near the White House, except maybe on a guided tour. And then, only with close supervision. Hmmm. If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose...then you just might be Sarah Palin. Count on me for a contribution and support for any other efforts to curb the slaughter.

We have got to spread the word to as many people as possible about Sara Palin. If she is elected, all the work and progress that has been made by all the animal rights groups and the people who support them will go down the tubes. We cannot let that happen. It is essential that we get the republicans out of office for our beloved animals!

And look at who is running for vice president with McCain. Palin passed laws allowing the killing of wolves, etc in Alaska. I sure don't want her for any office in DC.

I HAVE LIVED IN ALASKA FOR 32 YEARS AND I AM TOTALLY ASHAMED OF PALIN AND THE FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT. (One) HUMANE SOCIETY ENDORSED OBAMA AND WE MUST DO THE SAME. [Blog editors' note: Non-profits can't electioneer for politicians, yet everyone knows the NRA rode into Washington, D.C. on George W's coattails, and helped deliver the Fish & Wildlife Service to hell by creating personnel vacancies and filling them with hunters. We, of course, have personal opinions about those anxious to reach the White House. It's our inclination to inform the public about a politcian's penchant to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to shoot wolves, bears and other free-living animals in Alaska, or to subvert and dismantle progress that rights advocates have achieved in the last couple of decades. ]

Myself and quite a few people I know had plans of voting for Mccain, but the word is spreading about Palin and her kill tactics. We will all be voting for Obama. Anyone with any sense knows that wolves kill only to eat and feed their young, not like man (or this woman). She is a danger to all of us.

Palin is a killer of wildlife and enjoys every second of it!! Hope she falls and falls hard.


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