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October 09, 2007 | Deer

Last night, the Warrensburg, Missouri city council indefinitely postponed a plan to allow bow hunters to kill deer from platforms inside the city's Culp Park. There will be no deer hunt in Warrensburg this year.
The city's change of heart reflects a concerted effort by Dr. Susan Pentlin, an emeritus professor at the University of Central Missouri, along with several other activists, including FoA activists and supporters. "We can all sleep better tonight," Dr. Pentlin said.

 Mother and fawns
Mother and fawns

As the park would have remained open during the hunt, it would have also posed a risk to "hikers, pets, children, endangered birds, people in homes near the park and University of Central Missouri students," Pentlin said.
All hunting is dominance taken to extremes, with bow hunting bringing a form of torture into the act: Arrows have razor-sharp points meant to bleed deer to a death that may be slow and painful.

Culp park, a peaceful oasis, was donated to the city by Leland Culp, whose will stipulated that the land be used to safeguard wildlife. "Leland Culp gave the land to the city for people to enjoy nature, not as a hunting preserve," Pentlin explained.

Meeting last night, council members indicated a need for more information, especially about "how many deer there are and safety issues," Pentlin said. At a previous city council meeting, Warrensburg Police Chief Bruce Howey reported only nine city accidents involving deer in 2006, a small percentage of the the total 600 accidents. Hunters can frighten deer, cause them to move into unfamiliar areas, including roadways, and would have likely raised the numbers of accidents. FoA has found strong evidence that hunting exacerbates roadway accidents with deer; about half of occur in just three months: October, November and December -- hunting season.

In an interview today with FoA, Warrensburg City Clerk Cindy Gabel said town officials want to take more time to "thoroughly study the facts and take more time to consider everything involved with the hunt." Gabel said the hunt may come up again next summer, but it could also be cancelled.

At the recent public hearings on the hunt, dissent was heard. "Several people spoke out against it," Gabel noted.

The city council also held an e-mail forum on the hunting proposal. Said Dr. Pentlin, "The council did not indicate the percentage of public e-mail comments for or against, but I have a feeling it was not strongly in favor--probably 60-70% were opposed to a hunt inside city limits. That is the figure I heard."

A special thanks to Lawyers in Defense of Animals.

What you can do:

Call or e-mail the mayor and city council and ask them to leave the deer -- and Leland Culp's memory -- in peace.

Mayor Don Nimmer:
Call the town hall and leave a message for the town council members: 660-747-9131
Chair Pro-Tem Donna DeFrain
Council Member Charlie Rutt
Council Member Deborah Arwood
Council Member Jeff Terry


Have you ever accompanied anyone on a bow hunt? Have you ever seen the devastation to the environment of an overpopulated species? Have you seen diseases and their effects on wildlife when left unchecked? Do you know what happens when game animals lose their fear of humans? Science isn't bought and paid for to enhance the results in favor of hunters. These "Reports" as you call them have been verified through decades of research, and guess what? They've been verified through out the WORLD!! It was hunters that restored populations of turkey, deer, elk, and countless other game animals including bears and mountain lions. I could go on and on, and present all sorts of verified scientific benefits, but you aren't interested in the truth. You think that all the facts that are given are some form of manipulation in its truest form. So you my friend, have no reason that makes us greater beings than the animals we pursue. Did you know that all of the vegetarians diet is produced on farms that ALL kill animals to protect their crops that uninformed people eat? In some cases more animals are put down for this reason that the entire year's worth of hunting seasons! I doubt that as well, just as I doubt that you'll ever use your brain for anything beyond fantasies that give you reason to support your uninformed, fanatical beliefs. So, I know my wisdom gathered from several years of research that I've been a part of and have never been "paid" for, will be wasted upon you. So I see no point in giving you the REAL Facts in any more depth than I already have.

Have you ever been shot by an arrow and been left to bleed to death? Have you ever seen the devastation to the environment done by the overpopulated human species? Have you seen diseases and their effects on humans when left unchecked and thought the scientific solution is to just kill them? Do you know what happens when humans lose their respect for animals? It was hunters that killed populations of turkey, deer, elk, and countless other animals including bears and mountain lions. I could go on and on, but I have sense enough not to. Bob Orabona Friends of Animals

I couldn't agree more. People from your side of the argument are always pushing other people around trying to force your opinions on the rest of us. We don't flaunt the fact that we hunt - some of us rarely ever have time to go hunting, even though we support it. It is a free country and it isn't against the law to hunt. The first comment hammered some very import points home and your response was completely emotional and baseless. In the wild, don't animals die anyway? If we "selectively remove" some isn't that the same as the circle of life? C'mon, show some respect and back off! It's fine to believe however you wish, but it's not a crime to disagree with you. It seems that is exactly what you're pursuing! A law that makes it illegal to disagree! This spurned me to do some research of my own and the factual evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of hunting. Where are your facts? It'd be nice to stop this immature way of life that many people with your beliefs simply want their way and nothing else. No matter what the cost. You can officially scratch me off the "friends" of animals support list! Of course, I doubt that you'll actually post any of these type of comments. Why should you? they're respectful voices of disagreeing opinions and you don't like that. [Blog editors' note: Don't Homo sapiens die anyway, Scott? Is it therefore acceptable to shoot them? Please note: This is not a disrespectful question to ask.]

You're right, this is a respectful question, when asked appropriately. But again you turn to insults - as in insulting my intelligence - rather than say "ok we disagree." The difference in our positions is that people that share your opinion think that it's ok to put animals over humans. When in fact, all you really seem to care about is your own agenda. If you cared about animals you would support hunting. As brash as that sounds, let's analyze that statement and apply our brain - which separates us from animals - and think about it. Let's say that there's no hunting in an area that is overpopulated with deer. Rather than try to understand that deer devastate the habitat - the habitat that they share with other animals.... say, songbirds for example. The deer will shortly start eating all the forage within their reach. Leaving no cover to help the songbirds hide from either birds of prey or other predators. OR, lets say there's no hunting in an area again, overpopulated with deer. Let's say there's heavy rains, and since the deer have eaten every morsel of vegetation erosion devastates what earth is left causing mudslides of both minor and great proportions. What then? These examples casually slip the minds of "environmentalists" and it's left to the tax payers to make up the difference when hunting could actually increase revenue rather than have us working individuals from suffering tax hikes due to this extremist oversight. You asked me if humans die, yes they do. As I assume you already know (note: I assumed you had intelligence rather than make an insulting reference about something obvious). The truth is hunters don't run through the woods with automatic weapons shooting down everything that isn't human. Yet this is what you're trying to pass as my logic. Humans are humans and animals are animals. We're at the top of the food chain because we worked our way there. What's wrong with choice? Is it that I made it on my own with out talking to you to see what is the right or wrong way to decide? Maybe your insensitivity to the fact that statistics show (here we go again, referring to facts, sorry I'm not playing fair) that children that hunt are 76% less likely to commit a violent crime. Maybe I should point out that statistically hunting is safer than ping pong! Again facts are being used here, google them for yourself. Never has there been a hunter shoot defenseless school children for fun. Yet, it's the same people that get spit on and have their rights trampled by people that share your beliefs. To answer your question - yes there are acceptable times to shoot humans! Such as self defense for example. But that's another subject. One that's comparing apples to oranges. I can't recall a conversation with an "anti" in which comparing apples to apples was a fair tactic. Hunters actually protect the animals you claim to be. Without hunters each family in America would spend an estimated $517 per year in the produce section alone. Airlines would raise their prices in the neighborhood of 30%. Insurance companies would raise their costs to a modest 35% hike. The food vegetarians eat comes from farms that - GASP - use hunting to cut losses and protect the very objects you enjoy to eat. There are so many arguments that can be made, all of which support hunting. All of these ideas are easy to find and use evidence based practices. So rather than keep going, I'll ask you, don't animals kill animals? Shouldn't we start monitoring them and try to force your opinion on them? Or maybe we could organize a protest and call them murders! If you want to go tit for tat, we could do that for the rest of our lives. So can you point to some evidence or is all of your material based on what you say we should believe? Aren't we able to challenge your ideas? Isn't that how we came up with democracy and the conception of this great nation? I must thank you for posting my last comment. On several message boards it is said that you guys screen your comments and don't post anything challenging. I suppose this will give me an idea of what is actually the truth. :-) Please, try some understanding rather than condemnation, you'll have greater success. Have a good day.

Scott -- It's up to you whether arguments insult your intelligence, but don't expect anyone at Friends of Animals to appreciate your romantic notions of shooting a defenseless animal to death and then passing it off as one's civic duty, or a benefit to the ecology. That's pitiful. Numbers of hunters across the nation continue to nose dive, and that drop worries federal and state wildlife agencies who treat hunters like their clients. There are apparently 12.5 million hunters left who are wedded to violence and clamor to make wildlife dead. We're not your cheerleaders.

All hunters are a bunch of murderers of innocent animals. They use LYME disease as their big excuse. Go shoot mice?? they carry lyme?. Its just a sport and their thrill to kill or watch a deer suffer with an arrow. Slow death is what creates their adrenaline rush, watching an innocent animal suffer. How sick is that? Hunters are people that were not "wired" correctly at birth. short for "KILLERS". They are not men at all!!

I think Bill said it all! I agree with him 100%. Cruelty won't ever end, there will always be heartless people.

I'm very happy that some people are listening! There have been several posts that I've submitted that aren't viewable here. You "Editors" pick and choose comments that you think you can make some comical, sarcastic, rhetoric to. I've been nice, I've spoken the truth and yet you still can't post any responses to my facts. That in and of itself should tell the world that you have something to hide! There are thousands of people out there that aren't sure what the truth really is. I've approached this from an educational standpoint. If people don't agree with me, fine. But the truth of the matter is, you are afraid that people will learn what hunters really do and that's ensure the positive existence of not just game animals, but all animals for our future generations to come. Your organization has little to nothing that supports this. You're only interested in the almighty dollar. When people challenge you, you rally all the people that ignorantly believe anything you say. You prevent recovery efforts in Africa - yes I said that! You don't think that it's important human beings that live in Africa should eat. Even though several species are overpopulated and severely decimating the available resources that BOTH humans and animals need to survive. Heaven forbid hunting should be a major benefactor for starving human beings!! Forget about supporting a money making industry that can help all God's creatures. If it doesn't suit your money making scheme - forget it! People need hunting to ensure we all benefit equally from what we can. Rather than take your approach in a positive way, you use half truths, deceit, and at times outright lies. You know what, I don't stop caring about what is right, even if it isn't the "cool thing to do". Still I wait, my challenge stands. Your president has spoken and yet all she can do is a weak company line. FACTS? I'm gonna do what I can to spread the truth about organizations such as yours and one by one people will make an informed decision - right or wrong. At least when I'm done talking to them, they'll have some understanding of what the environment could be when managed and what it could be left unchecked. [Blog editors' note: Apparently you are unaware that Friends of Animals' work in Africa supports the avallability of fresh water for humans and nonhumans simultaneously. Our well digging work is supported by the Arcus Foundation in recognition for its respect for human and nonhuman life. It is you who needs to be educated before you communicate.]

I'm waiting for facts that support your point of view! What are you afraid of? Why haven't you posted my follow up comments to your weak comments and replies? This is why you will end up writhing in failure. Because you can't support a debate with any truth. This is a free country, you claim to welcome all opinions, so why do you make such an effort to suppress what people truly want to know? You're hypocritical in all your viewpoints! They're all unfounded to boot! How often are you urbanites ever in the woods? I don't mean hiking! I mean really taking part of nature. I'd be interested in your comparisons to the actual time that hunters spend. Remember: The TRUTH shall set you free. Time to get with the program - the real program! [Blog editors' note: The U.S. is not a free country, Greg. Yesterday, Bush II demanded another $46 billion to occupy Iraq, and that's not about "taking part of nature," anymore than shooting a defenseless animal to death ratifies a peace accord with nature. We do believe the public should determine policies, and that's where hunters will be outvoted, if democracy prevails.]

Does it matter to the deer what is done with their bodies? Interesting, isn't it, that in human killings, using the flesh is considered a more offensive crime?


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