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Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

January 05, 2007 | Hunting & Wildlife Management / Deer

Your attention needed to help stop net-and-bolt deer control proposals in Millburn and throughout New Jersey.

"Net and bolt" means trapping deer under nets, then attempting to restrain them, pressing a captive-bolt gun against their heads, and firing a retractable steel rod into their brains. The deer may struggle and kick, fracturing limbs or sustaining other injuries. Deer who move as the bolt is fired can be painfully wounded, not killed, and the struggle continues until additional shots are fired.

Stress may be so acute as to cause the death of some of the deer prior to bolting.

The reasons given for considering this? A burgeoning deer population has been cited as a problem in New Jersey. But in the absence of violent or artificial manipulation, deer will adjust to food sources and available shelter to create a natural balance. On the other hand, killing is cyclical.

Suitably tall fencing offers the most effective way to keep deer away from places of concern; and road accidents involving deer can be addressed with well-maintained roadway reflectors.

Net-and-bolt deer control is unreasonable, ineffective, and grotesque, and we are urging its immediate prohibition.

A special note to New Jersey residents, any of you who travel to New Jersey and thus support the state with your business, and veterinary professionals who can offer expert comments:

Please write to the New Jersey DEP Commissioner and the Governor. Politely but firmly advise them that this practice should not even be contemplated by the Fish & Game Department of New Jersey, let alone approved by it. Request an immediate ban on net-and-bolt deer control in Millburn and throughout New Jersey. Comments received any time in January 2007 will be especially helpful. Thank you for supporting the deer by writing today to:

Governor Jon Corzine
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
Tel: 609.292.6000

Fax: 609.292.3454

DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson
C-401 E. State St.
P.O. Box 402
Trenton, NJ 08625
Tel: 609.292.2885

Fax: 609.292.7695

See Friends of Animals' letter to the NJ Governor

And Friends of Animals' letter to the NJ Commissioner


O.K. You posted it. Great. I had some serious doubts that you would. That said I would like to adress a few people and issues. First, Dave; I guess vegetarians never die of heart attacks, and at exactly what point in human history did we become evolved enough, I mean what was the date that we as Humans became morally obligated to stop hunting, or eating meat? because I missed the memo or maybe I am still some kind of neanderthal. You know the guy in the geico commercial. Also, I choose to be more involved in the process than ordering a pizza. By the way. That cheese on that pizza came from an animal. An animal that was DOMINATED. and milked for us evil humans, and even though we diddnt have to kill that animal for that milk, to make that cheese we had to captivate it, IMPRISON it. Think about that next time you arder a pizza and think your not having an impact on some poor defenseless animal. To the editor; I never insulted you or your beliefs no matter how wacko I feel they are because you see, I am a gentleman. Yes, a neanderthal gentleman. But you seem to have nothing more than insults and simple anecdotes. I get the feeling that if we met you would, by default- HATE me. Just because of who I am. Pity, because that defies the definition this very website promotes of respecting another conscious life no matter WHAT! By the way, which one of you sitting there behind you moniter determines what creature is conscious of life? Ever swatted a fly?....MURDERER!!! I decided that they are conscious of life. See how that works. (you live in a house of cards) Krista; I respect you and your opinion. Yours is a very balanced and well written objection. Thank you. We just agree to disagree. I will make note of the references you cited. [Blog editors' note: We choose pizza without cheese, and don't rhapsodize over shooting an animal to death. Truly gentle people are not amused by acts of violence and don't expect accolades for such repulsive behavior -- especially on a Friends of Animals Web site. ]

let's start with that sick, net and bolt, isnt that how they used to or still do kill cows. isn't bad enough these deers are getting ran over by boneheads that can't drive, and hunted down by knuckleheads who think it's part of their manhood extention. and let's not forget all the land being used up so they have to intervene with people because they have no where to go. whoever came up with this barbaric idea should be net and bolted. here's an idea "JUST LEAVE THE DAMN DEER ALONE". they're cool to look at when there alive, they don't bother anybody, and i think they add value to real estate. i would rather have live wild animals on my property than none. and isn't this the same game commission that wanted to kill to off the black bear. maybe a phyciatric evaluation needs to be done on the person commng up with these sick ways of controlling wildlife. there are plenty of humane ways to control wildlife, even though i believe wildlife should just be left alone.if the deer population is to high, tranqulize them and move them up to north jersy, plenty of land up there for them to run around.just irritates the hell out of me when people come up with such stupid ideas to control wildlife.they have way too much time on their hands, if somebody came up to me with this idea, they would be fired right on the spot.

I recieved an e-mail from friends of animals and I immediatley started writing a letter to the governor of New Jersey asking if he would please immediatley prohibit any of this harsh and cruel behavior to go on.

I just mailed my letter today! Although I'm not from NJ, I still think every opinion counts. And in my opinion, this and all animal "control" methods must be stopped.

Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen...I am a hunter..(gasp!!) Yeah, yeah..I know...the horror right? Believe it or not I too love animals. In the off season I photograph wildlife for its beauty. I enjoy the sight of deer even when I am not hunting them. I dont kill to be mean, or for fun. I kill the way YOUR ancestors did, to provide for my family. I would rather get my food from the forest instead of from the meat market. I like leaving this world of modern conveniences and stepping back in time. I also like knowing that the meat I feed my family is clean. Not steroid injected, or force fed, not wallowing in a stall of its own filth. When I hold my quarry's heart in my hands when I see the bright pink in the lungs I know beyond a doubt I have a healthy meal. But those who dont hunt, even more those who vehemently oppose hunting will CAN NOT understand the satisfaction one gets from the harvest. And how grateful I am for the animal that presented itself before me. What if we diddn't hunt? If deer were just "left alone" as some knuckleheads have proposed, what then? Eaten alive by coyotes? starve to death in a harsh winter? Get hit by a car and suffer needlessly for days!? Thats no bargain!! Hey guess what, Nature is not a theme park, Would you tell lions and tigers that they are bad, or somehow wrong for killing? I think not. When I kill I try to use as much as I can. I tan the hide into my own leather, All of the meat is consumed, the fat is rendered into soap...Bla,...Bla... My point is, it is not a macho extension thing as some knuckleheads have proposed, its just the opposite. I diddn't always hunt, but now that I do I appreciate my food, my life, the lives of others more. Thats right you appreciate life more when you have taken one. And as long as there is breath in me I will live for the hunt. By the way I am opposed to the net and bolt plan as well [Blog editors' note: Keep breathing, Chris, and keep evolving away from your ludicrous ,cockamamie concepts about appreciating life after you've violated another's life. Eating the animal you've killed isn't justification for imposing violence on anyone. Moreoever, we're all mortal, and prefer to take our chances with Nature over hunters and homicidal maniacs.]

Before responding to Chris' comments let me make clear that while I certainly wish they would stop, I don't consider persons who hunt or fish "knuckleheads". Many of the people I love hunt and fish. I grew up in northeastern Vermont. Most of my family still live there and the hunting and fishing culture is very strong. In addition, my grandfather, like many Vermonters of his generation, was a dairy and chicken farmer. I've eaten the meat and fish my father and uncles killed to feed their families. I've witnessed the slaughter of fowl for my evening meals. And, before becoming a vegetarian, I fished many times in the brooks, streams and beaver dams of Vermont. Some of my fondest memories are the times I spent at hunting camp. That said, there are three points about hunting, not about hunters, to which I would like to respond. First the point made about hunting as means for procurring healthy meals. Trying to avoid "steroid injected, or force fed, not wallowing in a stall of its own filth" sources is indeed a good thing! But,I would suggest to Chris that seeing disease free organs means only that a healthy animal was killed. It does not mean that consuming the meat is a healthy meal. His goal of providing the healthiest possible meal for his family can achieved by providing a plant-based diet. I would ask him review the work of John McDougall, M.D. at the following website Additional information available to stream over the web can be found at: and Chris may also want to read "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell. Second, the point about an animal suffering after being hit by a car doesn't support hunting. It's not an either or situation. In places were hunting is strong, deer and other wildlife are often struck by cars. Hunting does not prevent it. And, hunting does not bring death without suffering. The animal is stressed just by being hunted and, not every animal struck by a bullet is immediately killed. Third, with respect to other animals, lions & tigers, etc., killing and eating meat, this is what nature intended. Humans do not have the claws, teeth, jaws or speed to hunt and kill without the used of man-made weapons. Some have argued that because human ability to create those weapons should be seen as nature's intention that humans eat flesh. I can't accept that arguement. Humans have created weapons of mass destruction that surely should not be used.

i see my preveous comments ruffled some feathers. pitty, i still stand behind them. first off, theres alot off things my ancestors did and you wouldnt catch me dead doing them. in life your supposed to move forward, not backwards.and as far as the term knucklehead, dont take it personal, i call everybody knucklehead. i also have 5 friends who hunt, make that 4, one died of a heart attack,but he loved his deer meat, pitty his arteries didnt.and as far as comparing humans to tigers and lions, one problem with that, humans are suppost to be intellegent. and last time i checked when a lion or tiger got hungry they didnt pick up the phone and call in a pizza order. and the theory that once you take a life, you respect life. well, theres alot of people that believe that, only problem is they needed a judge to explain it to them,and now there behind bars and on death row. i have a friend who hunts and he was telling me how nice this deer looked before he killed it. so i said, you look nice and dapper today. and then i blew his head off. only kidding, but now you see the logic behind that comment.if in life you find it necessary to shoot something, shoot a picture, this way you leave it so someone else can enjoy it. generations come and go, try leaving something for them to see, instead of them having to look at a picture in a book. i am glad to see more property owners are posting there land, its not to save animals, its to save on companies will not insure or raise your liability coverage if you allow hunting on your property.because you can be sued if someone gets injured on your property. look around next time your out, more land is now being posted.

I don't know how many times I have seen a meat eater excuse his or her lifestyle by claiming humans evolved on meat. Let me put this absurd idea to rest once and for all. Humans do not have the right kind of teeth to chew raw meat. Lions and tigers do. So obviously humans did not evolve on raw meat. At some point somebody figured out that he could chew raw meat. Cooking meat, especially over an open fire, produces heterocyclic amines which are carcinogens. It's impossible humans evovled on something containing carcinogens. Their are other health risks from eating meat such as the fact that it causes arterial disease. Cats, who are natural carnivores, need three nutrients found only rarely in plants-vitamin A, taurine, and arachodonic acid. Humans can manufacture all of those from other nutrients found in plants. The only nutrient humans need not found IN plants is vitamin B12, which is made by microorganisms living on the surface of plants. It's prudent for vegans to take B12 supplements because nowadays people rinse their vegetables.

i would like to respond to comments by chris. first off chris i don't think you're the guy on gieco commercials, i believe you probably are a gentleman, due to the fact you also disagree with the net an bolt proceedure. and i am only guessing you do not like the idea of animal abuse. i also see your point in not buying meat from the store because you dont know what you're getting. but i dissagree with killing a free and wild animal, as i said before, i have friends who hunt, we may not see eye to eye on the subject, but it doesnt stop us from buying each other a beer when we get together.remember this is a opinion, i am not trying to force a way of life on you. i did not become a vegan by choice, it was pretty much forced on me. i probly ate more read meat than you seen in a life time. london broil, fleymingyon, t bone, you name it. i grew up around surgans and doctors, they warned me if i continue on my path i would be six feet under before 40. i have seen what it looks like to have a triple bypass or have a balloon shoved down your arteries. and i decided that isn't going to happen to me.i don't eat any dairy products because i have allergys, think of going through the year with a severe cold every day.i also have been shooting guns since i was 16, and i never raised my gun to an unarmed or defenceless human or i said before, this is my opinion and i am not trying to force my way of life on you, but mayby you can learn something from my mistakes and avoid having to experience it your self. [Blog editor's note: Chris's last attempts at posting were abusive and rejected from the blog. Not a gentleperson, but one with a short fuse and penchant for justifying violence.]

I guess since he started off by saying he killed deer and then said he loved animals, he had some sort of agenda. By the way, about the B12. Prehistoric humans got their B12 from microorganisms on the surface of plants or maybe from bacteria in streams but nowadays people usually rinse their vegetables so I suggested B12 supplements.


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