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DFO request for public input regarding observer distance from seal kill

February 17, 2007 | Seals

Addressing Canada's seal regs from a vegan perspective

To the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

On behalf of Friends of Animals, an international organization with offices in Canada and the U.S., I hereby respond to your call for comments on the suitability of increasing the space legally allowed between observers and the government-sanctioned seal killing off the Newfoundland and surrounding coastal areas.

Our view is this: The distance is irrelevant. We want it to be known that there is nothing left to document. Little if anything has ever been accomplished from efforts to document this killing event. We do not need more degrading footage of people killing seals. The time has come to support residents of a depressed economy in ways that acknowledge both the inherent worth of human beings and the lives of sea animals.

The question is not if the killing is cruel, or how cruel the killing is. The question is when the government of Canada will stop issuing quotas and rules and using the seals as substitutes for a real economic solution to the situation of coastal residents. Filming the kill and issuing penalties against the people engaged to carry it out does not address the root problem but instead exacerbates it.

This pointless deliberation over rules and regulations is another waste of Canadian resources that would be better directed into the provisions of real economic and social solutions.

Dave Shiskoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals


Look...seals or not the cycle never ends. The USA send up their horses to Canada to be slaughtered. I bet alot didn't know that.

I can't understand why you are so cruel to animals. I will never visit nor will my friends and family visit whilst you continue to abuse animals. Stop this nonsense!

What is the point of "Goverment" viewing ? Seal killing should be banned PERIOD I expect the fishermen see the seal as a competitor that is why it is allowed. At the rate the fishing trawlers are scraping the sea bottom they wont have to worry too long about the what is left to catch !!!

I hope Friends of Animals isn`t saying not to speak out agianst the proposed plan for the seal hunt obervsation limits. The Canadian goverment won`t fess up to any evidence already and video footage helps to porve how pointless the hunt is. I live in canada and I don`t believe that every canadian has the right too see this hunt. [Blog editors' note: More than four decades of film, endless documentation and the slaughter continues. Canadians need to aim at the right target; tackle the real issues as Dave Shishkoff's letter advises.]

Join the International Day of Action Against the Canadian Seal Hunt—New York City—March 15th On Thursday, March 15th, from Noon to 2pm, Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will come to the door of the Canadian Consulate in Manhattan, in an international day of protest to alert New York residents that the world’s largest commercial hunt is set to continue this spring on the ice floes off Newfoundland’s coast. Advocates will gather at 1251 Avenue of the Americas (50th Street & 6th Avenue) to urge Canadian Consulate General Daniel Sullivan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end the seal hunt now. Activists across the world will hold vigils in solidarity with the seals. We will be handing out informative flyers, holding posters and banners and getting signatures on post cards declaring the signers outrage at the seal hunt. For more information or to RSVP, contact Edita at 212.247.8120 or

I would like to see what happens to all you killers on "judgement day" !!

It is not only the pathetic reality that once again greed prevails, but it is also blatant cruelty. The baby seals are pulled from their mothers and killed in front of them while they wail. Also, the seals are often skinned while they are still alive. Cold, calculated murder and insensitivity to the pain and suffering of a defensless animal. I only hope I can help stop this inhumane act.

yeah, so this is obviously not ok! what did seals ever do to you? they're cute and harmless. killing animals is unnecessary and it needs to stop!

Thanks, Dave, for a wonderful letter. Unfortunately the DFO will NOT listen just as they have not listened to us Canadians who have been asking them to end this massacre for years. The DFO Minister has a lot to lose if he stops the killing, the votes of his constituents and therefore his political career. That is why I hope Germany and the whole European Union ban seal products and that the price of seal pelts and fur in general collapses once and for all. Times are changing. People are becoming more aware of the environment and the welfare of animals. I know the days of the seal hunt are numbered. The world is waking up to this horror. I mourn and pray for those thousands of seals that will be butchered in a few days, that their deaths will be quick and painless, but I also pledge not to stop fighting until this disgusting hunt stops forever. Good will prevail over evil. I am sure of it. Keep the faith and don't stop fighting. Thanks to everyone who cares.

Johnny Ward, I would think that coming from Labrador, you would know better than to claim the seals hunted are "mature". Obviously a 15-day old seal is still a baby, whether its coat is white, grey, yellow or purple. ...By the way, hakapiks have NOT been outlawed and shooting seals is as cruel as clubbing them. Sealers usually soot them from moving boats and they don't use a second bullet so as not to damage the pelt, since every extra bullet hole would bring the price of the pelt down by up to $5. More often than not, seals are left to drown in their own blood for up to an hour. I hope you will teach your children to earn their living in a more responsible and humane manner. By the way, caring about what happens to the seals IS caring about the environment. Forgive me if I don't trust Newfoundlanders with the fate of the seal population. Whatever happened with the cod???!!! You guys overfished it to depletion. The times where people had to hunt and fish to make a buck or put food on the table are gone. Get into the 21st century... This is Canada, there is no excuse for such a bloodbath.


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