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DFO request for public input regarding observer distance from seal kill

February 17, 2007 | Seals

Addressing Canada's seal regs from a vegan perspective

To the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

On behalf of Friends of Animals, an international organization with offices in Canada and the U.S., I hereby respond to your call for comments on the suitability of increasing the space legally allowed between observers and the government-sanctioned seal killing off the Newfoundland and surrounding coastal areas.

Our view is this: The distance is irrelevant. We want it to be known that there is nothing left to document. Little if anything has ever been accomplished from efforts to document this killing event. We do not need more degrading footage of people killing seals. The time has come to support residents of a depressed economy in ways that acknowledge both the inherent worth of human beings and the lives of sea animals.

The question is not if the killing is cruel, or how cruel the killing is. The question is when the government of Canada will stop issuing quotas and rules and using the seals as substitutes for a real economic solution to the situation of coastal residents. Filming the kill and issuing penalties against the people engaged to carry it out does not address the root problem but instead exacerbates it.

This pointless deliberation over rules and regulations is another waste of Canadian resources that would be better directed into the provisions of real economic and social solutions.

Dave Shiskoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals


- The true culprit is the consumer who buy seal fur and bi-products. Remove the buyer from the equation and that market would cease to exist. There would be no purpose for killing seals. DON'T WEAR FUR !! DON'T BUY FUR !! OPPOSE ANYONE WHO DOES !!

Canada should be ashamed to still be doing this inhumane practice of killing baby seals. It is cruel and morally wrong to kill such beautiful animals for people to wear. These people should also be ashamed of themselves.

Why is this heanus act of murdering our innocent creatures accepted? How can a group of individuals possibly believe that this act does not constitute as a PUNISHABLE CRIME! Life is life, there is no question of that here, and haven't we destroyed enough lives?! I would like to ask the individuals involved to think before they swing at these INNOCENT creatures and end their life so viciously. Have they no remorse?! This is so wrong and should be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. Please let me know how I can help.

This heartless act of bludgening baby seals is akin to the types of animal cruelty performed by youths and adults alike. These types of atrocities are finally labeled as illegal and research has connected animal abuse to child & spouse abuse, the killing and torturing of other innocent victims (humans)often follows. How therefore can you define the murder of baby seals as a legal act, one which will not affect the minds and hearts of the perpetrators? Please put an end to this vial history of death! Thank you.

it is said we will be judged on how we treat the lesser of us.....a sobering thought....

Enough killing already!!!!! Let’s get a viable solution in motion. The horribly inhumane slaughter of seals is Canada’s most disgraceful shame to this day. People are disgusted and revulsed by this needless animal cruelty. Put an end to it now. I will continue to support all boycotts of Canadian products and refrain from travel to Canada so long as the seal slaughter is allowed to continue.

good letter dave, i thought canada got a new prime minister that was going to resolve this issue. and i can't believe they have an area so people can watch this barbaric act. the canadian government has had plenty of time to resolve the economic issues of newfoundland.they just failed to act on it.i would think the people of newfoundland know the world's view on this act and would find another way to support themselves . well i guess it's time to get out my bumper stickers that say "SAVE A SEAL, CLUB A NEWFOUNDLANDER". maybe if they feel what these seals go through, they will get their acts together. [Blog editors' note: The way out is for Canadians to press their politicians to do the right thing, and to stop asking for more access to seal-killers and other annoying distractions.]

The senseless slaughter of the harp seal has to end. Canada is supposed to represent a model "civil" society.

Those beautiful little seals and their babies with the grand soul-ful eyes are so cute. It is very hard to think of just eliminating them. Or that people could just stand by and not care what happens to them.

There is simply no rationalisation - moral,economic,cultural - which can justify the hideous cruelty of the seal hunt.A people which can tolerate this sort of barbaric slaughter for reason of profit,is morally bankrupt. However, I believe that the majority of Canadians are decent people who do not support this atrocity, just as most Australians do not support the equally repugnant live export industry. We are badly let down by our governments,to our shame.


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