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DFO request for public input regarding observer distance from seal kill

February 17, 2007 | Seals

Addressing Canada's seal regs from a vegan perspective

To the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

On behalf of Friends of Animals, an international organization with offices in Canada and the U.S., I hereby respond to your call for comments on the suitability of increasing the space legally allowed between observers and the government-sanctioned seal killing off the Newfoundland and surrounding coastal areas.

Our view is this: The distance is irrelevant. We want it to be known that there is nothing left to document. Little if anything has ever been accomplished from efforts to document this killing event. We do not need more degrading footage of people killing seals. The time has come to support residents of a depressed economy in ways that acknowledge both the inherent worth of human beings and the lives of sea animals.

The question is not if the killing is cruel, or how cruel the killing is. The question is when the government of Canada will stop issuing quotas and rules and using the seals as substitutes for a real economic solution to the situation of coastal residents. Filming the kill and issuing penalties against the people engaged to carry it out does not address the root problem but instead exacerbates it.

This pointless deliberation over rules and regulations is another waste of Canadian resources that would be better directed into the provisions of real economic and social solutions.

Dave Shiskoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals


Bravo! This is a totally correct perspective on the situation. What it really boils down to is economics and, yes, there are obviously people out there that don't utilize much moral value in their decisions on how to make money and feed their family. By humiliating them, they are likely to carry out their actions even more. We need to focus on the real problem and that is getting the government of Canada to help establish alternative sources of income in those shoreline communities. These kinds of attrocities typically occur in poorer communities throughout the world. Naturally, these areas need some type of economic stimulus that will dissuade members of the community to partake in such desperate and inhumane acts to make a buck.

i do not like the things they do to all the animals

The seals like every animal in this world were placed here on earth as well as ourselves. Psalm 8 tells us how Our Lord has given power over all the works of His hands, the sheep, the cattle, yes, even the savage beasts.. The situation with the seals breaks my heart, how long will we destroy what God has given us? There is lack of love and inner feelings for these animals, it breaks my heart to know all the cruelty to animals that go on every instant of our lives. my only hope is in the prayers I offer for them and for the whole world. Peace!

Why not just stop killing the seals and the 'distance of observers' point will be moot. Have you considered using the money that is being wasted on this silly decision making process, on something more humane like creating a more sustainable and life respecting economy for Canadian citizens in the area? Surely there are talented and creative human beings in Canada who can come up with a more suitable economic endeavor than clubbing helpless baby seals on the head and then skinning them alive in front of their mothers. Just think about it, for goodness sake. How about having a contest and awarding the money you're wasting now, as a prize for the best new, innovative, sustainable and cruelty free economic ideas that can be implemented as an alternative to the barbaric slaughter of our seal relatives? Enough with the killing...get creative!

This is a cruel and horrifying thing to watch and i do not ever want to see it. Just the thought of someone killing these buetiful creatures makes me sick to my stomach! STOP THIS NONSENSE! They have a right to this earth just as much as we do! Shame on Canada for this senseless act of cruelty. I will never support anything Canadian again until their government stops this brutal massacre of these defensless animals!

Please stop the needless hurting and killing of such a beautiful sealife.

The brutality of actions you perpetrate along with USA's factory farms is disgusting.

The question should not be what is the regulation distance in observing this cruel and senseless slaughter but how to stop it. We need to find other ways to help support residents to improve their economy with out the suffering of the seals and humans.

Please don't kill the seals. It is a sin to kill harmless animals.

I have always had a deep love for animals, and this senseless act of killing makes me horribly sad. As a new mother I get heartsick thinking about how the mother seal watches her baby as it is slaughtered. She has no say, no way of defending her child, and no justice. If our human world was run this way we wouldn't last long. The idea that animals don't feel pain or have sense of love and family is preposterous and ignorant. All babies should have a chance to grow and enjoy the world that God made for them. As humans we shouldn't have the right to take their innocent lives away.


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